How can i add a subquery to.

Badlam: How can with a SQL query drop all the triggers?

Aholt: Mathys: SHOW TRIGGERS; and loop through them

Aholt: Mathys: Or select from information_schema.triggers and loop .

Guidetti: Is the AS keyword optional?

Tio: Can’t think of any use case where it is mandatory

Tio: Salle, that was just a disclaimer of sorts

Aholt: Tio: I think it would be stupid to mandate AS word, but you never know

Tio: Salle, yep, but I suppose there is nothing in manual saying “AS is always optional” – only those cases where it is specified per case mostly on man page for select

Aholt: Tio: I’d say it is stupid to say “something is always optional”. It either is optional or not

Aholt: Jkavalik_: Haha! Great point and I just remembered earlier today we had example of that here. CASTfoo AS bar where AS is mandatory :

Fyall: I have an RDS instance with a security group that allows some inbound traffic, but on the RDS page it still says the endpoint has no inbound permissions. Where else should i look? The subnet it’s in also has full ACL access :/

Bascom: Salle, ah, yes I was afraid I missed something like this :

Niedbalski: Guys, since last night was trying to make this query working, can someoen please check if are OK?!9/5c60b/6 im trying to get all the products with the latest know stock and updated time

Kawaguchi: I need to change replication to row based. however i would like to compare the performance before and after the change. can you guys suggest a way to do that ?

Montijano: SamSagaZ:

Valone: Naktibalda: yes i was reading that docs, was the urls that someone send me lastnight :

Erekson: You have to JOIN productvariations t3 ON t2.productID =t3.productID AND t2.Date = t3.productVariationUpdate to get t3.productVariationStock

Willardson: Mmm im getting stock with my select without JOIN :/

Gerrard: SamSagaZ: Most implementations of sql don’t allow the mixing of grouped and ungrouped columns in the SELECT clause. mysql does, but the row selected for the ungrouped column is an unpredictable value. The groupwise max solution is a way to specify the value selected for the ungrouped column.

Splatt: Damn, mysql not easy anymore. hehe

Valeriano: And sqlfiddle is damn lagged

Hodgson: You are getting stock, but it isn’t a stock of latest date

Ipsen: Added the JOIN and now errors

Workinger: Mmm looks like are not working like i need

Arguilez: Groupwise max on the productVariationUpdate?

Trebesch: Hi, I’m following the instructions here to grant all privileges to a table for a user but I keep running into error 1064

Saska: Zaggynl: the Doldo checker bails out at the first thing it cannot understand, either something immediately before is incorrect, or you used a reserved word or its just plain bad Doldo and you are not following the manual

Mckesson: Zaggynl: avoid tutorials

Mcinturff: ProductVariationUpdate are the datetime when i store when the stock are updated

Kihlstrom: How do I proceed without them

Mckesson: Zaggynl: read the official do***entation

Thomes: Zaggynl: are you trying to create database?

Medal: Naktibalda: get it working.

Simila: Have you modified quotes manually?

Yambao: Zaggynl: Use around identifiers database/table/column/alias names and ‘ around strings and dates. MySQL does allow ” for strings, but ANSI standard uses ” for identifiers which you can enable with ANSI QUOTES option.

Bridegroom: I might have changed the to ‘

Eschenburg: Hi, is new mysql client dlls is compatible with old mysql servers?

Trinidad: How can i add a subquery to the query to filter using this SELECT supplierId from suppliers WHERE supplierMainCategoryId = 1;?!9/e9154/1 im using to separed queryes and loop trough the first one, maybe using all in a single query will be the best