Hi, is there a way to group.

Danfield: Jak2000: you need a different repo that will provide that version

Correl: Jak2000: There is no such thing as 5.2

Danfield: Jak2000: current versions of ubuntu provide mysql version 5.6

Danfield: Jak2000: current versions of ubuntu provide mysql version 5.5

Parrino: I am follow: http://www.peterchen.net/2013/02/20/en-how-to-install-mysql-5-6-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise/

Huneycutt: Does anyone know where i can find public ipython notebooks?

Brouk: Finally installed: apt-get install mysql-server :

Nardozzi: I’m getting a weird error saying subquery returns more than 1 row: 1242

Danfield: JavaLover: make sure you don’t pastie.org that actual sql and the complete error message, whatver you do

Tayan: Yeah was working on that right now

Channell: Ok so this is slightly altered but

Womac: Http://pastie.org/private/edb3csfnrmowajj3pthv5q

Chiulli: What it’s supposed to do is give all my users + 10 money.

Tognazzini: But i altered the statement enough to remove it from NDA 😀

Franzoni: JavaLover: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/insert-select.html

Danfield: JavaLover: that’s the proper fomr

Reary: Ok i’ll just follow that

Danfield: And I’ll stop the typos :-

Pashley: Tbh I picked up this code & was just trying to fix it

Cheslock: It’s from a while back & wasn’t working so I kinda guessed but yes i’ll follow this

Bedney: So this also takes into account on duplicate key update?

Danfield: JavaLover: make sure you don’t actually read the url

Salmond: I am i’m just curious

Prichett: Tbh I don’t really understand the on duplicate key update all that well

Travino: And this was the first place I used it that’s whY I asked

Danfield: JavaLover: if you have a unique constraint on one of the columns and you insert a duplicate key, you have 3 otpions

Danfield: JavaLover: an error, use the IGNORE keyword to skip that row, or use the ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE to change the value in another column for that row

Starkey: Right and that’s what I want to do

Mcclure: If they exist just give them money

Schramel: Ok so basically i’m picking what I want to insert from my users collumn

Feit: And then after I do the example they have, I put On duplicate key update

Lalk: Whereas I had a big Values”select from” function that is just failing.

Gumbs: But what if Money isn’t a part of my users collumn.

Bangs: I.E. how would I insert my own custom value to this: http://pastie.org/private/nh7mk6yivwfsuz96wpgcvg

Jungling: I want to combine the table value & also a default value of my choosing.

Labrum: Sorry I meant users table, if money isn’t a part of that & I just want to put a default value.

Danfield: JavaLover: select column_name, ‘string literal’ from t1 .

Sowle: Ohhhh I can just put it in the select

Laderman: Thank you this is perfect 😀

Danfield: JavaLover: note the difference between a backtick and a singlequote

Eflin: Oh so that’s why they have that sorta

Naji: Idk i’m a noob with this stuff but learn something new everyday

Monserrat: JavaLover: Use around identifiers database/table/column/alias names and ‘ around strings and dates. MySQL does allow ” for strings, but ANSI standard uses ” for identifiers which you can enable with ANSI QUOTES option.

Matos: I think that’s awesome though, that I can put a value in the select statement that’s actually super helpful

Ruell: Ok I have to go, dinner plans 😀

San: I hope amazing things happen to you & you have a beautiful Life 😀

Mckirgan: Hi, is there a way to group a select * by 5 rows?