Hi all. I have a table with.

Parente: I’ve read this is expected but how can I fix that

Poczobut: My select has a order clause

Bellone: No success Naktibalda

Bethell: ArtisanIndia: Don’t ask us “What’s wrong with this query.”. We are not SQL p****rs. We do not care to look character by character looking for errors when MySQL will tell all of us WHERE the error is. Paste the FULL error issued by MySQL.

Wagley: I am sorry Naktibalda

Ulerio: It is saying error is on line 4 You have an error in your SQL Niedzwiedzki; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right Niedzwiedzki to use near ‘from events e,attendees a,profiles p,guests g,offers o,businesses b ‘ at line 4

Sweetman: ArtisanIndia: the Niedzwiedzki checker bails out at the first thing it cannot understand, either something immediately before is incorrect, or you used a reserved word or its just plain bad Niedzwiedzki and you are not following the manual

Lorenzini: ArtisanIndia: delete dangling comma at the end of line 3

Dobrowolski: JesusTheHun: where have you read that it is expected?

Stoyer: Yes it sort of worked now it says invaliud column businesses.latitude

Tromba: Boleware: google ; order is not guaranteed

Hurlbert: Nothing about mysql there

Furutani: Did you follow this advice ? – Boleware artisanIndia: change it to businesses.latitude

Gelhar: Boleware: still true .

Cerna: JesusTheHun: I can’t argue with Jesus

Furutani: ArtisanIndia, and the error is invalid column ?

Schammel: Then the column is really missing

Furutani: It says unknow column for missing column isn’it

Crutsinger: I got it working but it is not returning results not sure the results actually doesnt exist or something is worng with the query

Pully: ArtisanIndia: pastebin CREATE TABLE statements

Muschick: How can I check if mysql_tzinfo_to_sql has been loaded?

Cucinotta: This is the query http://pastebin.pl/view/37a80bef and this is the table structures http://pastebin.pl/view/4f60b897

Heubusch: Boleware: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mathematical-functions.html#function_radians

Stopp: If you get no results, it means that there is no matching data in one of joined tables

Flotow: But I am getting 351 now

Ogston: When actually my events table has only 147 rows

Minassian: Because you aren’t selecting events, you are selecting all related data

Deuink: So if event has 5 attendees, you get it 5 times

Brits: How the hack does this give the products that have the price equal? My query tells me otherwise 😡

Cafasso: Vhttp://kopy.io/uAFDF

Elreda: ArtisanIndia: GROUP BY event.id

Calhoun: Chilion: sqlfiddle.com is an easy way to share your schema, your data, and the queries you’re testing. It saves us time and makes it more likely that you’ll get an answer! Make sure you set it to use MySQL.

Guerrido: Chilion: quick guess: do you store price in FLOAT field?

Boyson: Now gourping them gives out only 5 results

Minderman: I will try to figure it out

Spart: Chilion: yes, float is not precise type

Tustison: Boleware: aha, how to fix this?

Procsal: Http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/fixed-point-types.html

Brailsford: Boleware: will look into it, thanks

Rumery: Does query execution on sqlfiddle so often timeout for you too ?

Braitman: Is it possible to see the milestones for mysql 5.7 needed before GA?

Caffarel: I see the world milestone everywhere yet there are no milestones

Copple: Ah I see now, there’s no formal planning

Coppes: Hi all. I have a table with a datetime column named start and a Integer column duration, in seconds. I want to query for data between the start and end start+duration values. How can I do this in MySQL?