Hey guys, I have a simple.

Culotti: Now see if you can connect

Jennkie: Deason: that’s what I was told, but I didn’t see that anywhere on the docs for upgrading

Dubourg: Seemed odd for that not to be advertised as an option

Deason: Scott0_: they advertise it better in 5.6 docs iirc

Scherma: Scott0_: you didn’t read the preceding paragraph: Sometimes this involves dumping and reloading tables, or use of a statement such as CHECK TABLE or REPAIR TABLE.

Deever: The dump/reload method is a fallback if you have problems

Softich: Where are you seeing this?

Okoronkwo: On the page you linked to

Lumb: Https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/upgrading-from-previous-series.html

Kackley: Im reading from the notes up top

Mockus: The sentence preceding the dump and reload instructions

Spalter: Look at the note at the top

Keeth: Yeah, that’s more about index issue

Tosch: Indexes changed between 5.0 and 5.1

Iraheta: You can’t always do a binary upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1

Kokoska: There sno index issue mentioned in the note, nor is that for 5.0

Badour: I think you are mistaken

Dorner: Read it in the context which it is provided

Pyper: The reason that note exists at the top of 5.5 is that they copied that page from 5.1

Deason: There used to be a bug in sort for ß

Oven: That’s the problem then

Panakos: I didn’t look at the previous version page

Taaffe: Upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1 can be tricky sometimes

Deason: So you had to rebuild indexes for potentially affected tables

Heffington: Shouldn’t have had to

Morten: I have 5.1 so to me the only relevant page is the one on 5.1 to 5.5

Riglos: Now I can connect with localhost

Langin: Which clearly states the recommended way to upgrade to 5.5 from 5.1

Fajen: Upgrading from 5.1 to 5.5 shouldn’t pose any problems if your tables are all ok mysqlcheck –all-databases

Shinkle: Yeah I get that now, just pointing out the flawed docs for that page

Thorp: Jmss: yep, your AppArmor profile doesn’t allow MySQL to accept connections on

Cayouette: The 5.6 page says the same thing

Deason: Pedward: he said localhost, which i ***ume is the unix socket and aa was blocking *that*

Zemaitis: Jmss: I recommend that you either modify the profile or leave it in complain/disabled mode

Sifers: Deason: you wouldn’t get a connection refused on with local socket

Deason: Scott0_: that’s what i meant!

Demarrais: AppArmor is a PITA like SELinux was in Fedora? It only brought me problems in Fedora, some years ago when I used Fedora

Carsno: OS error code 111: Connection refused

Boulton: Jmss: it’s Ubuntu’s “intelligent” version of SELinux

Gerstenkorn: It works on programs instead of users

Markovitz: Which is a slightly more intelligent paradigm for servers

Deason: Pedward: tbh, i can’t see how AA would possibly be relevant in the context of connecting to a tcp socket

Deason: Scott0_: 5.7 is beta if your didnt know, just a quick tip 😀

Ebrahim: Which files count as the binaries? everything in /var/lib/mysql? or just certain files?

Deason: Scott0_: i meant /usr/libexec/mysqld or /usr/sbin/mysqld

Deason: Scott0_: as in, place your old datadir in the right place, then start mysqld using the normal init script

Deason: Then run mysql_upgrade in a screen

Scheets: Hey guys, I have a simple query you can see here http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/5e5e2/10, I am looking through a list of users to see login time. One user has never logged in, how do I ensure he is still in the query?