Hello, something weird.

Bachinski: Sliney: those should be pretty static entities that you only change after careful thought

Bachinski: Sliney: and almost never allow users to do it

Sliney: Thanks Bachinski. Yea, only root should hvae access to that

Sliney: In most cases that is

Sliney: Before I do that, i need ot find out why mysql is dying, gotta read the crashing.html

Bachinski: Sliney: examine the error log. mysql server rarely “crashes”

Melloy: Im upgrading my server and migrating, should I be looking at upgrading mysql too?

Sliney: Yea, and it’s only been crashing when I update my root p***word. not sure if it’s due to mem issues or not

Gilcrest: Nevermind that was a dumb question

Bachinski: Sliney: ah, you’re the guy with that oddball glibc strace thingee, yes?

Blagg: For some reason I thought there was a newer version out

Sliney: Scott0_: yea look into upgrading it but only if all sites support the newer version

Parlin: Im all over the place. so im using 5.1 still, I guess newest for my distro is 5.5.44. are there any problems to look out for when migrating bewteen these versions?

Bachinski: Scott0_: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/upgrading-from-previous-series.html

Sliney: Scott0_: that is a more detailed answer that I cannot answer unfortunately.

Uson: Im worried about possible performance and configuration defaults which might change between the 2 versions. I did an upgrade once and it had changes to defaults which caused problems

Bachinski: Scott0_: 5.1 is basically ancient

Cunnington: Ill be dumping from old server into the new, so backups are ok

Serrett: Yeah I haven’t touched my server much

Baskind: Im hoping to get a smoother transition

Delahunt: And performacne increases

Bachinski: Scott0_: that url is pretty detailed

Sokolsky: Yeah im looking over it right now

Bachinski: Scott0_: This is loosely true: For planning – competent hardware, competent mysql server config as to buffers and caches and log file sizes, normalized schema design, correct table storage engine choice, proper data types, adequate indexing, competent queries. For performance troubleshooting – reverse the order. :-

Netters: The server config is the part that scares me

Bachinski: Scott0_: tl;dr – use innodb, focus on innodb buffer size and log file size settings

Ulich: Yeah I already have innodb config which I’ve tuned over time

Rushen: Im hoping to copy the relevant lines to the new mysql config

Bachinski: Scott0_: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-parameters.html#sysvar_innodb_buffer_pool_size https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-parameters.html#sysvar_innodb_log_file_size

Diangelo: Yeah ill take acre of all those, im just worried about maybe new defaults. I’ve been burned by surprise changes to defaults in upgrades

Brosi: Ill read through the doc you posted

Richman: Yay innodb is included!

Wagener: I feel like im waking up in the future 😛

Deason: Scott0_: you should probably upgrade to 5.6 not 5.5 :

Killeagle: In api, when asigning bind.buffer to point a string, if this string longer than size of field it give me error “too long .” how can i get the max of size to truck that string?

Chandra: Deason: its whatever my distro has in the repo

Annan: Is there anything significant in 5.6 that I might need?

Arunachalam: Padro: make sure you have a good dump and an export of your show variables. you may have to upgrade multiple times to get from 5.1. to 5.6

Desort: Hello, something weird happens, when in production my inserts are way slower. I did like/unlike twice in a second and I got message that “you cant like what you already liked”, which means that story wasnt unliked yet, while on my local machine I can do 20 likes/unlikes in second and nothing will happen, any idea? My production server is a way be