Floogy: How could we.

Hartsch: Mysqlcheck -c usr_web27_1 focus_gal_img -u root -p*******

Imbert: Error : Incorrect information in file: ‘./usr_web27_1/focus_gal_img.frm’

Heximer: Kukielka: Stored function that calls procedures is really bad idea. Such function can be called anywhere. In WHERE clause of UPDATE statement for example

Heximer: Floogy: The Kuhens is: mysqldump OPTIONS database no “”s

Heximer: Floogy: mysqldump OPTIONS database tables and that’s what you use

Heximer: Floogy: It interprets “usr_web27_1” as database name and usr_web27_1.sql as table name and obviously can’t find it

Kukielka: Salle, erm figures out it was enough to replace mysql with mariadb

Heximer: Kukielka: Although I should be happy about your move :

Kukielka: Whatever, that helped

Heximer: Kukielka: “works” means you have different defaults which you could change

Heximer: Kukielka: You better find out what it was because if it is related to the client config you will have to deal with that again in the future

Freidman: Salle, I don’t know what I should use as name. –skip-lock-tables web27 -r gives: mysqldump: Got error: 1049: Unknown database ‘web27’ when selecting the database

Heximer: Floogy: You are trying to dump a database, but you don’t know its name? :

Oliverio: Hm, what’s the SUBSTRING method to get everything after the 1st delimiter? Can’t seem to get it to work with SUBSTRING_INDEX

Waack: Floogy mysql -uroot -p***** -e’SHOW DATABASES;’ grep web27 usr_web27_1

Baragona: Salle, I don’t be familiar with mysql, so is that the name? I need a database with web27 in it’s name.

Heximer: Oliverio: select substring_index’a,b,c,d,e,f’, ‘,’,-5;

Heximer: Floogy: SHOW DATABASES LIKE ‘web27%’; or use information_schema if you prefer

Heximer: Floogy: You have to use precise name with mysqldump

Conkey: What’s wrong with grep?

Heximer: Floogy: Nothing wrong with grep, just redundant :

Heximer: Floogy: All you need is to follow the Kuhens for mysqldump. mysqldump –help will certainly help you

Heximer: Oliverio: You can use combination of LTRIM and LOCATE too if you wish

Oliverio: Salle: But I don’t know the length beforehand

Bogg: Ooops, ok, # mysql -uroot -pR8VnXKCZ -e”SHOW DATABASES LIKE ‘%web27%’;”

Heximer: Oliverio: Yep. If you want to search for parts of sucg strings don’t store them together. In your case split the email and domain name and also if necessary splt the domain name in separate columns

Oliverio: Salle: That’s what I’m doing now – splitting email into user, domain, and tad

Cardosa: Ok, so the the redirection or option -r should be wrong, because without that I get something dumped.

Heximer: Floogy: mysqldump file.sql works just fine

Iburg: Hi guys! Why locking reads, update, delete statements works as in Read committed mode?

Resendiz: In repeatable read mode.

Salome: Salle, I found the culprit. It was a copy and paste error, that introduces a space in the output filename, at least I guess so. https://bpaste.net/show/6a0764d15a89

Heximer: NoOova: Why something works is weird question

Heximer: Floogy: Don’t copy/paste :

Hemeon: But there is still an issue. I guess that dump will not help, because it lacks the information and tables from ./usr_web27_1/focus_gal_img.frm , right?

Shetter: Sorry, I don’t know much about mysql :

Heximer: Floogy: ./usr_web27_1/focus_gal_img.frm is table definition

Heximer: Floogy: That’s separate problem.

Roura: So, the backup might be intact and ok, now?

Heximer: Floogy: If this table is corrupted there are various things that can be done, but better find someone who knows MySQL

Heximer: Floogy: How could we possibly know how important this table is for your backup?