Figured its easier to do a.

Stohl: In that query I am specifically talking about the user “joe”

Stredny: My /var/lib/mysql houses the data dir as well as ib_ files and ibdata

Deason: If you have replication slaves, you will need to skip some errors unless you used mysql_upgrade –skip-write-binlog

Tole: T4nk095: I’m not seeing a query at that link

Cutts: I gues sim asking what the datadir counts as, the db dir? or the one above that?

Monday: T4nk095: this is typically done with a left join

Attinger: Deason: I don’t have replication slaves, but I plan to eventually do so. I’m going to enable the binlog during this upgrade

Deason: Scott0_: /var/lib/mysql is datadir if it contains ib_logfile0 and a directory called mysql

Deason: And isn’t just some abandoned default datadir and you redefine datadir in my.cnf

Degraw: Also contains mysql_upgrade_info, which im thinking I should exclude

Folsom: Since the new version has its own

Deason: Scott0_: no you cat that file

Deason: That tells you last version that mysql_upgrade ran against

Christopoulos: So I can include it ?

Deason: You want the whole datadir, copied after you stopped the old mysqld

Worster: I must have done an upgrade before

Deason: Or use xtrabackup which would exclude this file

Rauner: Pedward, Deason: does not work with, but work with localhost

Leiser: T4nk095:

Deason: Jmss: pretty much proof to me that AA isn’t related, and you likely have a firewall problem

Borner: Jmss: did you change the bind-address?

Deason: Oh right, you need

Durpee: I never binded mysql to an ip

Nickell: Well, then you need to remove the bind-address line from the my.cnf

Cuascut: Then it’ll work on and

Bixby: Yes, I did that, don’t know why: #bind-address =

Chmura: Bind-address =

Travali: Deason:

Cieszynski: Jmss: you had the bind-address commented out the whole time?

Dreiss: No, commented the default but added .13 below

Tadlock: I’m going back to the default

Chauvaux: Jmss: did you install this OS or is it a cloud provider?

Abernethy: I think without adding any and just commenting out the default, it will work on whatever ip

Kukucka: Ok, I’ll try it commented

Hollyday: Unless your server has multiple ips or something weird and you need to bind to a single ip

Clendaniel: Jmss: paste /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld to

Atengco: I’m curious what it contains

Michienzi: Wish me luck! 80GB mysql datadir

Newnam: Scott0_: I recommend you do a backup first

Bolt: I have nightly backups

Deason: Scott0_: if so, i might personally use xtrabackup against master to new host, run mysql_upgrade there, start replication, promote slave

Potocki: And im mirroring to another server

Mettle: Ok, works with both 127. and .13

Lamblin: And not switching to the new instance until I know everything is good

Blakeslee: Im not entirely new to this

Ulery: Well, another way is to create a snapshot of the mysql volume, then stand up a TARball on the snapshot

Leyra: If the snapshot comes up okay, delete the snapshot and do it for real

Damien: I had to upgrade to 64bit architecture, OS, and all new software

Holom: LVM snapshots are copy-on-write

Hubenthal: Pedward: no such file

Sberna: Figured its easier to do a new instance of the server