EdwardIII, that’s also the.

Kanno: Silent_Ninja: the mere presence, yes

Kanno: Silent_Ninja: also read the paragrpah that starts “If an internal temporary table is created initially as an in-memory table but becomes too large, MySQL automatically converts it to an on-disk table.”

Kanno: Silent_Ninja: note those server variable settings

Mayrant: Ssh/putty works fine to this server, mysql workbench declares a tunnel error

Kanno: Cluelessperson: perhaps ask in #workbench, their channel

Mckellar: Hey i’m going nuts heh. i’ve got the query log on but i can’t see any info about why some logins are failing?

Helmsing: EdwardIII: you don’t log login failures with the general query log.

Cuhel: I’ve google around for ‘mysql access log’

Lesage: Hrm oh wait should i be increasing my log level then they’ll just go into the error log?

Smith: Heyas : I need to change the collation of a table in 5.6 ~20 MM rows. what’s the best way to do this without interrupting the service for too long?

Siaperas: Hi guys. how to clear mysql error log? i mean. mysql log has error log . but it was old. thus snmp trap seeing this and issue a message too many error in mysql connections

Teska: Hello, I would like to ask you if there is a way to make a database when opened in a different system than the one intended to auto-delete? Is this possible with an encryption program that will contain the database?

Gurganious: Combined2857: possibly, but nothing within MySQL itself would provide for that, at least not reliably.

Helmsing: EdwardIII: if you’re on 5.5, anyway

Kepp: Helmsing: hrm i’ve done that but can’t see it anywhere

Mcgary: Wonder if it could be the other machine isn’t connecting where i think it’s connecting

Raver: Gurganious, thank you, any idea if there is a program like this?

Gurganious: That would be a question for Google.

Vidler: Gurganious, : thank you

Schiffner: Hmm ok the ohter machine is definitely connecting where i think it is

Brierton: Right ok, i’m running mysql 5.5.44, i’ve set log_warnings=2, but all i’m seeing is 150924 17:36:12 Warning IP address ‘’ could not be resolved: Name or service not known

Siaperas: Whats best value for max_connect_errors in production which has lots of connections coming?

Clauss: At any rate, if i turn the server off i start getting a warning about being able to get a connection rather than access denied, so i’m know i’m working on the right machine

Tillema: I’ve set log_warnings=3, when i restart the server i can see it’s populating the error log, but i don’t see any reason for refusal or rejection at all

Litza: Hmm just tried it again and i’m seeing this again: 150924 17:42:29 Warning IP address ‘’ could not be resolved: Name or service not known

Kravec: Mysql wouldn’t reject a connection on that basis alone, would it?

Kanno: EdwardIII: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/host-cache.html

Kanno: EdwardIII: if you’re using ip addresses for your mysql account hosts, don’t do the dns reverse lookup

Amescua: Is it possible to use UNION on two queries that select from two different tables?

Kanno: Amescua: as long as yyou match column number and name use alias maybe

Whitmeyer: Kanno: right i’ve disabled lookups but i’m no closer to figuring out my actual issue

Jaso: However, it’s supposed to be adding a new user. i can see that new user. when i look in the error log on the mysql server i don’t see the failed connection mentioned above

Stangle: EdwardIII, is it testing for whether or not it’s already done the job by trying to login, then logging in and adding the user?

Hur: Amescua: Kanno: column names don’t need to match

Kanno: Voce: I should have mentioned matching data types

Haseman: Plus i can actually connect as that user

Stangle: EdwardIII, that’s also the error message if your p***word just is wrong