Deason: would that be easy.

Matlock: Deason: it seems INET6_ATON is ran on the amster, and the binary is written to the binlog

Whybrew: Deason: if it would just make the slaves execute that function my problem would go away

Fabionar: Deason: sory I had to mask some values it’s real customer data

Venezia: Slaves executing functions? pah, it’s 2015, use RBR

Venezia: I find it odd that python can’t p**** binary, considering how many db fields are a binary type

Venezia: Seems that’d be a huge problem for everyone

Cologie: Venezia: me too! i lookeda t the issues page etc, no mention of it

Venezia: Maybe some config in python like treat_binary_as_string

Venezia: No idea, i don’t use it, but

Venezia: People here do use it, and i haven’t heard of a problem, but i don’t think anyone uses it to p**** binlogs

Chapek: I don’t think python has any issue with binary i’m sure of it

Schreckhise: But the script is trying to decode the query as utf-8 when it contains binary

Venezia: Ohh, like converting the bytes in the binary into utf8 multibyte characters?

Venezia: Yeah that would break

Venezia: Is it actually using ipv6 or just v4

Gordner: Tbh mostly v4 – but it’s for future proofing

Batesole: In fact, it’s all v4 right now haha

Deason: BlaDe:

Deason: BlaDe: what am i doing wrong?

Venezia: Well, short term, you could store the v4’s as an int field. for futureproofing, you could make two bigints to store the v6, but that’s a hacky way to do it. you could also more easily hex encode it in a char field, but that’s both hacky *and* slower

Venezia: I feel the only good solution is to make python realize it’s not a utf8 string and p**** it properly

Pfund: Deason: hmmm. mine shows that too

Thouvenel: Deason: can I search my master binlog events easily for an insert into a table?

Fortuna: Deason: the test case i did looks like yours too

Boxwell: But the python script errors on replication of the insert at the position of the varbinary

Lookadoo: Venezia: I agree 100%

Venezia: BlaDe:

Venezia: To get a more readable view of binlog events

Deason: BlaDe: so mysql is doing exactly as you hoped, right?

Deason: BlaDe: possibly you just mis-diagnosed the issue?

Busto: Deason: absolutely – mysql is working great. we’ve been replicating binary for years

Labranche: Deason: I just don’t know if I can fix the python thing sql side easily or not

Reyez: Venezia: yeah, originally I was using mysqlbinlog –no-stop but now I’m trying to use the python tool as it saves me some work, if it works.

Neita: Mwillbanks: I only saw your original question and am about to go afk; but did you consider things like filesystem caches?

Skrabanek: Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but besides query cache there’s a lot of caches everywhere taht could impact your results

Deason: Jmss: connect to and use the % grant instead of localhost, which is unix socket

Deason: DrkCodeman: please do not pm me

Roundtree: Salle: I see, thanks.

Syrett: Deason: If I use instead of localhost, I get error: SQLSTATEHY000 2003 Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ 111

Deason: Jmss: this way you don’t have to remember to change two p***words

Linnell: What about skip-networking?

Clyatt: Jmss: != localhost in MySQL world

Clyatt: Jmss: connects via TCP/IP. localhost uses unix socket

Gautreaux: Deason: would that be easy for someone who does not know iptables?