Deason: how does the.

Daros: Domas: can you be more specific?

Stuble: Pedward: for remote, PHP+PDO for local

Lehane: Pedward: when mysql is no longer constructing range rules but is scanning whole index

Orcutt: Jmss: I do recommend SSH rather than direct port access

Zade: Jmss: what version of MySQL are you using?

Bellows: What’s the performance_schema directory?

Brechbill: My old datadir does not have that

Panowicz: Domas: 5.6.23 will work up to several hundred

Scriber: Mysql-server 5.5.44-0ubuntu0.14.04.1

Donnick: Pedward: where is the limit!

Guster: Scott0_: performance_schema was added in 5.5

Schweigert: So I shouldn’t delete that, or will mysql-upgrade replace it?

Stacey: Domas: that’s a good question, I haven’t seen anyone benchmark it

Delson: Or ssh -L 3306:/var/lib/mysql/mysqld.sock

Sour: Pedward: I see mysql completely fall off the cliff there

Mccasland: Pedward: will unfortunately have to go through the source :

Pizzaro: Scott0_: mysql_upgrade will create it

Clearman: Pedward, danblack: but that SSH command is not compatible with MySQL++, right?

Plona: I would have to use system calls?

Strede: Jmss: it creates a port on your local machine that tunnels to a port on a remote machine

Offerman: Its purely a transport packets. nfi about MySQL++

Chappel: Ah, ok, I’ve used that once


Filpus: Port 3306 on local machine connects to ‘localhost’ port 3306 on remote machine

Means: Oh wow, I originally set this server up in 2011

Curbow: Or you can connect to socket on the remote end with openssh 5.8?+

Deason: Last i tested, less than 8 items

Alias: Glad the missing bytes have been found :- didn’t even need to check the pound

Deason: But i suppose type matters based on above

Killary: Pedward: I got 10k ranges that return 64 rows, but ends up scanning 100M rows

Gluth: So all there is to enableing the bin log is the single config line?

Cassio: And it considers a damn scan

Deason: Scott0_: enable by naming it, also set expire-logs-days and server-id consider setting binlog-format

Deason: Scott0_: i like to lower max-binlog-size to like 128M or 256M

Dolhun: I wonder when it switches to a scan

Deason: Because PITR is a PITR

Cobia: Domas: 5.6 is daft in many ways WRT optimizer

Emberling: So is every other version

Grad: Domas: 5.6 much more so

Majette: Deason: any reason size rtetriction is better than days?

Maresca: But then again, 5.5 doesn’t have some of the magic mojo 5.6 does

Leneau: The problem is regressions in 5.6

Deason: Scott0_: days is retention, size is when to rotate. during rotation, expire is enforced

Heuer: 5.5 seemingly does the right thing in many contexts

Studyvin: Rotation meaning new file created?

Rowlands: Pedward: in this case we come back to the fact that MySQL doesn’t support basic queries

Siena: Even with FORCEd indexes

Deason: Scott0_: when you issue “flush logs” or max-binlog-size is reached, a “rotate” event is written to the current log file and the next is opened. at the same time expire is enforced

Broadstone: Domas: I’ve seen that

Pogar: Even FORCE doesn’t work

Buth: Pedward: it forces the index, but not index method

Nobile: Deason: how does the setting innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit affect the binlog and 5.5?