Causasui: i think this is.

Federico: Yeah, wasn’t sure what to call that

Routhier: Never used it or seen anyone use it, but sometimes i mention twitter’s snowflake when people ask related questions

Routhier: Alternatively you could use a mapping table for the initial pk lookup

Routhier: So you insert some uuid there but the pk is not yet filled out

Routhier: Later, you insert to existing tables and populate the pk field on that table that has the end user’s uuid

Routhier: Only use the uuid to lookup the pk, then otherwise disregard it

Nicolaus: Routhier: i’m thinking i am just going to have a unique uuid column and keep the auto-ids as is

Routhier: Kbond: you dont have any other columns not pk, not this new column that are not null or unique?

Routhier: If that is the case, you dont need uuid at all, right?

Morgas: Not that i would want in the url

Routhier: If you can create a row in the main table with just an autoinc pk and the uuid you think you need, why do you need the uuid/

Routhier: There must be some fk or other constraints that prevent this, i think

Daya: There are fk constraints, yes. I need a unique key to give back to the user before the row is created

Limmer: Anyway, thanks for the help/advice!

Amescua: Is a view automaticly view only, or does it have to be spesifiec?

Helmsing: Amescua: why are you using views?

Amescua: Im just practising mysql, the teacher said something about having to specify the view as read-only, but it sounded weird to me that a view can be something else.

Helmsing: Amescua: you won’t gain much from working with views, other than learning that it’s a waste of time with MySQL.

Kanno: Amescua: there are constraints on which views can be insertable or updateable.

Kanno: Amescua: use google to search the mysql manual. that would be a very good skill to learn :-

Helmsing: Much better skills than learning how to use views, yes

Routhier: I know kbond left but

Routhier: Anyone think that is a silly way to solve their problem need id before the row is actually inserted

Koone: What is Mias’s opinion on this page? totally/partially out of date, or mostly accurate? useful or misleading?

Nagata: Of course the header warns that it’s about mysql 4.1 and earlier, but i don’t know how many of these have been “fixed” if you agree they’re problems

Helmsing: Causasui: most of that stuff is a non-issue now.

Helmsing: Causasui: I wouldn’t even bother reading it.

Freitag: Helmsing: jeez, 5.0 was released in 2003.?

Schmith: That makes this ancient indeed

Helmsing: Causasui: 5.0 is EOL too

Routhier: Causasui: thing is, each of those have a test case which can easily be tested by you, maybe see what you find?

Nunmaker: Routhier: fair enough. i think the answer i was checking to see if i’d get is “these aren’t bugs, they’re features / in line with design philosophy / wontfix stuff” which could be scary in some places.

Routhier: Causasui: tlrd use strict mode

Helmsing: Causasui: I think we have better things to do than to disprove each one of those “claims” one by one.

Vandermeer: Helmsing: surely. note that I explicitly did not invite that, though :

Jongeling: Helmsing: “this page is crap / only refers to ancient versions / all that stuff is fixed” is above and beyond as a response

Helmsing: Causasui: well, some of those annoyances might still exist – I’m not about to test them all to find out, however.

Routhier: Http://

Routhier: This did not exist in 4.1

Routhier: Causasui: i think this is useful today