But by default if I have.

Jencks: Innodb repetable reads postgresql repeatable reads, they are defined and implemented differently

Erle: Salle: i just check and say.

Heximer: NoOova: If that matters the ANSI standard requires only SERIALIZABLE isolation level. All other levels are up to the vendors discretion to define and implement

Heximer: NoOova: Hence nothing unusual there

Veto: Salle: nope. you wrong

Primer: I just launched “repair table mytable”, how can I run it in background ?

Hainsey: Salle: mysql see not phantom rows. it see all commited rows!

Meir: So UPDATE test SET id = 100 WHERE id = 5 will update unvisible row!

Gregoreski: But in standart there are no ‘FOR UPDATE / FOR SHARE’ features =

Martinov: Hey guys, i would like to get 5 random users and their latest 5 comments as in nested JSON. Is it possible to limit comment join to 5?

Calder: I just launched “repair table mytable”, but this will take long time, how can I keep this task in background please ?

Swartzman: Serdem420: http://jan.kneschke.de/projects/mysql/groupwise-max/ http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/example-maximum-column-group-row.html

Leubner: Jkavalik, That example is not my case i think.

Imbrogno: In the example it sums the datapopulation and reduce to a single field.

Shear: What i am after is look like son. One user, one comments filedarray and five top comments.

Loeb: Group concat can be used with HEXto make valid json but limiting is still a very big problem.

Chicon: Substring is can be used but nah!

Conninghan: Can I just disconnect from mysql shell without stop current process running ?

Borden: Can I “push” the current process to background ?

Manocchia: U can always open a send connection :

Heximer: Or third, fourth . up to max_connections

Heximer: Xat: You can for example run mysql via screen and detach it

Toala: Salle: yes but the process is already running

Stangle: Xat, you can try using something like retty to attach it to a screen

Serratos: I’ll try it Stangle ;

Boers: I have a large database 235 GB? that updates a variety of rows constantly, would I be correct to think it’ll need high disk throughput?

Helmsing: Cluelessperson: probably right, yes.

Night: It should be updating a huge number of rows nearly all of them once a minute or so. Indexing probably won’t be much help

Heximer: Cluelessperson: Better redesign that database

Heximer: Cluelessperson: I doubt with modern hardware you can update 235GB every minute

Heximer: Cluelessperson: Are you talking about single table?

Sideman: Salle, That may be a large over exageration. We’re basically monitoring machines in the field.

Dellaripa: Hi All, Quick question, for MySQL 5.6 what is the default Row size in total bytes before all queries are using Temp Table on disks, instead of memory?

Maycumber: Every machine I install workbench on, workbench crashes

Kravs: Also if my table has 1 TEXT column does it mean all my queries on this table will be using Temp Tables on disk or only when I select the TEXT column? Thanks

Reindeau: Cluelessperson: workbench ****s =

Mehaffy: How to clear errors from mysql error log

Kanno: Silent_Ninja: have you reviewed https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/internal-temporary-tables.html

Schons: Just got MySQL Workbench to work on AWS RDS MySQL 5.6 last week :

Shelvy: Hi Kanno, Thanks I think I read it but want to confirm, not 100% certain even after reading the info. I’ll try reading again. thanks

Kanno: Silent_Ninja: there are server configuration settings noted at that page that determine when a temp table will be written to disk

Rhoda: But by default if I have TEXT column in the Table does, it hit temp to disk automatically, even if I don’t select the TEXT column in th query?