BlaDe: what did you mean by.

Mcannally: Maybe time to get back into installing a more recent version of mysql too! and not being dragged back by centos

Bachinski: Robsco: try an alternative yum repo

Deason: Robsco: you can use mysql-community repo from oracle, the mariadb fork’s repo, or something like ius community repo

Deason: Robsco: all three are fine choices.

Deason: Robsco: there is also percona server repo, which is another fork, but a heads up that cent7 will use mariadb by default, so you can get ahead of the curve

Muschik: Thanks both, will look into them all, for something so “straight-forward” as a db, we should really be on something a bit more current

Brass: If I can just get these 12m rows imported tonight I’ll be chuffed, 4.5m so far and all looking goof

Deason: Robsco: ius packages try to look like rhel native packages ala epel but without replacing existing packages, invented before

Bousum: A gl*** or two of wine always helps :

Deason: Robsco: is oracle, so straight from the source

Zanderigo: Deason, thanks, good to know

Duthie: Seeing a great consistent 30s per 100,000 insert now, couldn’t be happier. it’s not amazing, but at least consistent

Deason: Robsco: cent/rhel also use cfq instead of deadline i/o scheduler, which is really unfortunate cent7 uses deadline like a sane os

Deason: Deadline does a better job of consistent i/o than cfq in my experience

Maxham: We’ve not, and prob won’t, get to CentOS 7 anytime soon, Rackspace still have a problem with them for a start, so gives me a year or so

Emmrich: I’m processing like a man man on a Dell ch***is of 16 blades, and replicating to our DC with Rackspace

Stolinski: Now looking for what other data to process :

Deason: I just meant you can use deadline on el6 but it is not the default until el7 ubuntu always used deadline afaik

Haselhuhn: Got another 2 ch***is full to play with as “old kit”.

Morosow: Any ideas on my collation question anyone? :

Lewry: Deason, ok, thanks for the insight

Nidiffer: BlaDe: testing in mysql is easy see for hints

Deason: BlaDe: you aren’t using binlog_format=row?

Deason: BlaDe: force the query to be unsafe

Bachinski: BlaDe: “The BINARY and VARBINARY types are similar to CHAR and VARCHAR, except that they contain binary strings rather than nonbinary strings. That is, they contain byte strings rather than character strings. This means that they have no character set, and sorting and comparison are based on the numeric values of the bytes in the values.”

Duhon: Bachinski: gotcha, bummer, would’ve been an easy fix!

Bachinski: BlaDe: no collation need apply :-

Hatherly: Deason: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Compiseno: Deason: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Deason: Https://

Deason: BlaDe: it was a joke btw

Deason: BlaDe: you should fix python code instead

Condray: Deason: well in this case, replicating inet6_aton to be ran on the slaves is fine

Sarmento: Deason: I am looking at that, but I don’t really know how / understand the problem well enough

Delanoche: Deason: this line fails

Deason: BlaDe: wait, the statement was already unsafe it is a row event?

Dammen: Deason: and it’s unpacked at:

Bartnett: Deason: it’s an INSERT

Deason: BlaDe: in the binlog, you see: INSERT .?

Deason: BlaDe: what did you mean by “is there a way I can make it replicate the function”