And you ran FLUSH.

Weeber: Tter machine than my localhost so that doesnt make sense.

Caringi: I have set in my.cnf skip-external-locking

Vandunk: With also bind-address = and fine tuned my.cnf as my server have 4 cores and 16gb of ram

Mccullors: OnceMe: SQL has no UNLIKE operator. You’re in the wrong channel.

Archibald: OnceMe: Try application debugging until you find an SQL issue. Then duplicate the issue with just SQL. Post those details.

Steinbeck: OnceMe: You may have transactions which interfere with each other.

Flotow: OnceMe: Until you find an actual SQL issue, it really tough to do anything. Performance differences could be anything, including nothing to do with the database.

Cujas: I see, but what is weird is that it works super fine on my local machine and works slower on production server with better machine

Deason: Scott0_: sub query optimizations are a frequent reason to upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6

Seastrand: I have a lot of subqueriesss.

Gilliand: Should i update to 5.6?

Deason: OnceMe: mariadb 5.5+ and mysql 5.6 optimize many of them far better

Mccourt: This is what I have mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.44-MariaDB, for Linux x86_64 using readline 5.1

Deason: OnceMe: you are already fine

Fennimore: Im going to have to think about implementing a regular upgrade schedule for my webservers

Nettleton: So I don’t end up in this position again

Deason: And get a chaos monkey

Hasselvander: Http:// ?

Deason: Scott0_: if you are doing something regularly to a web server, why not include killing it

Masincup: Killing a webserver is good?

Poteat: I’ve never had a problem where I might need to do that

Mikles: I have one error though Warning Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 1024 request: 4607

Pressly: In phpmyadmin I see a table that has for example a column called type and if I click on that number it takes me to another table with that id that was in the previous table as type.

Pressly: How can I do this with another table?

Deason: Pressly: probably it is FK

Deason: Pressly: but ask #phpmyadmin

Pressly: I see that is not established as a foreign key when is creating the table

Schronce: I have one error though Warning Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 1024 request: 4607

Deason: Pressly: might be a “relation” between the tables in “structure”, again ask #phpmyadmin

Deason: OnceMe: probably need to modify systemd unit for that service

Suddarth: I read that but the weird part now

Katen: Ah I have mariadb.service not mysqld.service

Sausser: Hi folks. I got some weird problem.

Holje: Maybe someone could help me.

Peredo: Client, server1, server2

Salvi: I connect from clent to server1.

Neuweg: I’m getting “access denied” error, which is logical, because DNS is pointing to, not client, and host in mysql.user is ‘client.domain’.

Blach: Is ‘client’ without domain*

Duemmel: But. it’s working for server2.

Lani: But if I login with correct p***word then it’s working.

Pereyda: Even though grant is with ‘client’ without domain.

Gaston: My.cnf is almost same server1 is missing replication configuration.

Tatro: Same /etc/hosts on all three servers.

Shumard: All servers installed in almost same moment at least same day.

Deignan: So software versions should be same.

Ketchen: Mysql 5.6.26-log on Debian using mysql repos.

Arjune: And you ran FLUSH PRIVILEGES correct?