Although I probably.

Shafran: Okay so the DECIMAL field I was gonna use for this. column declaration. hmm. DECIMAL5,2 means I can do -999.99 to 999.99. if I change this to DECIMAL7,3 I’d get -9999.999 to 9999.999 ?

Baggio: Jeffreylevesque: nope, no one at all uses mysql

Quastad: Can someone tell me why mariadb/mysql failed to install, and how to correct this – via travis –

Fiedtkou: Jeffreylevesque: use the mariadb addon in travis – e.g.

Lugg: Danblack: do i need the matrix attribute?

Mccarthy: Does it go directly under install –

Shutte: I don’t know what tox is

Tabicas: Jeffreylevesque: just add the matrix: include: and then the addon bits for the mariadb and purge out your hand written install.

Beausoleil: Is that installing mariadb client, server, and the connector with python

Kuczma: Skip the bits with DB=5. because i couldn’t bother walking you though it

Bishel: It installed mariadb client and server. you’ll still need to pip install the python connector

Wydryck: Failing that refer to the travis docs

Lambrukos: Danblack: DB=5 for every addons

Samples: Ignore it. leave it out.

Catchings: So, ignore DB=5 all together, entirely?

Schumans: Include a FLASK version in each matric branch

Monzon: Jeffreylevesque: No, we will not spoonfeed you. We’ll give you pointers, man pages, general guidelines, even web pages that you *actually* have to read. But don’t expect use to spoonfeed you. You can allways employ a MySQL Consultant for that.

Sprowls: Asking the same question to something i’ve already answered 3 times is a sure way to **** me off.

Lowthert: Hi, I am trying to write a MySQL query, and am not sure about two parts of it: 1 I only want matches where any of the numbers in an array do not appear in either of two columns of the same table one column itself as an array of numbers, but separated by commas, 2 with these results, I want to append a string to one of the columns

Durning: Intent:

Maril: Danblack I can’t do anything about the table structure

Kummerow: Ugh, I thought there was a factoid something like “are you asking us a question that you have been ***igned as homework?”

Kummerow: Intent: do you have a query so far?

Reuben: I shall prepare one and return to these depths

Kummerow: When you do, post it and your example schema to

Kummerow: It’s a useful tool for query exploration

Sliney: Life_in_4k: how’s this look: RENAME TABLE? FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = ‘database’ & TABLE_NAME ‘wp’ LIKE ‘wp_’

Sliney: Anyway, how does this query look if I’m trying to find and rename database table prefixes for wp?

Sliney: I don’t know how to start it off


Sliney: Well, not 100% correct but w/evs

Kujath: My insane pile of game code just got simplified to THIS thanks to MySQL. 😀

Erchul: Volund: it does. especially when you use it like a relational database.

Yendell: Danblack: I’m probably using it like a mess.

Lavallee: Granted, much of what I’m doing is not crazy enough to need advanced trickery yet

Galang: Some of my tables do have Foreign Keys and I DO use a few joins here ‘n there. that’s about it.

Mccreadie: Although I’m going to have to rethink something.

Petrunger: Although I probably shouldn’t worry too much about hammering the SQL server at this level of data being used, hrm.