Aeiou: and what other.

Pullar: Well if is that simple it seems like the answer is not that simple then

Correl: SmashingX: Stop arguing and learn joins

Keiter: SmashingX: all right, it’s getting old.

Hoying: Because we would be arguing for all this time

Correl: SmashingX: The answer is very simple :

Keiter: SmashingX: please stop arguing and use joins.

Correl: Rakm: Backup before upgrade or migration is always good idea

Prowell: Salle: sorry – you never said what the error was generated by :

Mcgrevey: Ok but that doesn’t solve my problem

Keiter: SmashingX: yes, it does. And don’t use views.

Madine: Aeiou nice, that’s good to know : thanks

Mccarrol: Ok can you explain it with my example of those 3 tables how would you do it using join?

Correl: Rakm: If MariaDB version is higher than MySQL version it has no problem reading all the files so all you need is mysql_upgrade just like when you upgrade from one major version of MtSQL to another

Garuti: SmashingX: Very basic join information: – For more indepth info:

Keliikoa: Domas: when you reported, did you note this issue in any other use cases. Such as a very large tables doing fast index creation?

Correl: SmashingX: Will you please learn joins first?

Keiter: SmashingX: I’m asking you nicely – learn joins, and stop asking that question here.

Izsak: Pedward: we don’t do fast index creation!

Keiter: SmashingX: yes, one of the links is dead. Use the other.

Remiasz: SmashingX:

Correl: SmashingX: Or any of the thousands resources you can easily find on Internet about joins

Jaster: Domas: I’m curious because I’m seeing a similar stack trace

Verheyen: I’ve added the issue I am facing in a much nicer format on dba.stackexchange incase that helps anyone

Botkins: Ok then when I read about joins you are going to tell me how to do it with my example?

Keiter: SmashingX: no, we’ll ask you to write the sql on your own, test it, and show us the final sql if you have errors, and the full error.

Correl: Aeiou: There is no foreign key constraint in your table so it can not fail

Streib: Domas: specifically this:

Correl: Aeiou: Duplicate key error is not the same as foreign key constraint

Keiter: SmashingX: make an effort. Write the sql on your own.

Correl: SmashingX: The channel topic explicitly says it: We help you find solutions, not give answers

Cerasuolo: Tha’ts what I was asking

Corneau: I just got a bunch of links

Keiter: SmashingX: let us know once you have your sql attempt ready.

Correl: SmashingX: We are not going to write your homework. We can gladly help you write it

Keiter: A little timeout now.

Roberta: Salle: oops typo –

Quinalty: I simplified the table for the question

Keiter: Salle: we’ll give him some time to learn some sql, and make some attempt with joins.

Correl: Aeiou: That’s like if your horse is sick, but you didn’t want to take it to the vet so you brought your cat instead as example :

Correl: Aeiou: So what is the full error message as returned by MySQL?

Sole: Ha ha ha, this channel used to be very particular on providing the simplest example to get help – i might have gone overboard a little :

Koosman: Aeiou: and what other tables refer to eav_attribute with a foreign key?