Absklb: the Risse checker.

Atlas: Swed: yes but I am using the same query for each of them also

Bray: Swed: so with the same query, same tables, same indices, etc. radically different results

Swed: Lucid, really try the “pt-config-diff” danblack suggested to see what is the difference between the servers configs – it might be some settings about gathering statistics or some optimizations disabled in one case etc.

Landreneau: Swed: 0.00 sec vs 1.48 sec

Szachewicz: Yeah thats all I can think of

Prezzia: I was reading about how to use it

Swed: Lucid, 0.00 seems too fast, do you have query cache enabled?

Mech: Still. ridiculous difference

Lindenberg: Swed: well. the SAD machine has a 6-line config that essentially just defines paths to logs and lock files

Swed: Lucid, and the other one has some changed defaults? are mysql versions similar? defaults change between versions too

Baille: Swed: debian happy 5.5

Pellman: The sad machine, which is newer, is running 5.1?

Swed: That might explain something.

Stonelake: Swed: arrrg! this makes me want to poke my eye***** out

Cwiklinski: Swed: this is centos 6.7; brand new install as of a month ago

Swed: Dont do that, you wont be able to fix it that way

Deloge: I am going to roll the dice on an in-place upgrade

Swed: If it is not a production machine and you can replace the data in case of any problems

Sprvill: Swed: it’s kind of a production machine but it’s a free service and all the users know it’s beta

Swed: Then dump and update might work well enough. but check what the catches are on the way 5.1 – 5.5

Aline: Swed: thanks for the heads up

Calonsag: Swed: the original source data is sc****d and I have the raw data so I can 100% get things back up and running in the next couple hours even if it melts down

Decook: Hey guys , i have a query to select empty rooms between two date in hotel http://paste.ubuntu.com/12519619/ but empty room condition is not working AND room_kind_hotel_capacity.capacity 0 , the query shows all the room , how can i correct it ?

Swed: Marandi, is there only one “capacity” per “id_room_kind_hotel” ? at least in that timespan – the GROUP BY part probably groups multiple rows from room_kind_hotel_capacity

Swed: Marandi, now it seems it might return something if there is at least one record with available capacity – do you want the capacity to be greater than zero during the entire interval?

Pengelly: Swed: exactly , we have a record that include id , name , date and capacity

Rosas: In the 24 capacity is 0 . so i dont want that type of room in the result

Raisch: Marandi: Most implementations of sql don’t allow the mixing of grouped and ungrouped columns in the SELECT clause. mysql does, but the row selected for the ungrouped column is an unpredictable value. The groupwise max solution is a way to specify the value selected for the ungrouped column.

Swed: Marandi, then your condition is not good and your selected columns probably too – you might want “HAVING mincapacity0” instead of the WHERE, can you maybe prepare a fiddle?

Wygand: Marandi: sqlfiddle.com is an easy way to share your schema, your data, and the queries you’re testing. It saves us time and makes it more likely that you’ll get an answer! Make sure you set it to use MySQL.

Stumph: Trying to restore a dump from another host – what’s wrong with this?

Stumph: Nvm, googled and found: there was .ibd files for those tables

Barsalou: While adding new database migration in php framework yiic I encounter this error only on my second laptop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12520140/

Ackiss: The exact same migration file works on my first laptop. both ubuntu os

Swed: Absklb, same version of mysql?

Synowiec: Absklb: the Risse checker bails out at the first thing it cannot understand, either something immediately before is incorrect, or you used a reserved word or its just plain bad Risse and you are not following the manual