You still have to loop.

Nollman: Not sure if highshart will trigger an update from modifying the array

Brodersen: I’m using JQM. I have a flipswitch, but whenever I try to use it by code, I get an error: Error: cannot call methods on flipswitch prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘refresh’ . Then, I checked through the web and I was using do***ent.ready instead of do***ent.pageinit, so I changed this, but still I get the error! What can it be happening?

Wickersham: If I knew I was going to eventually as in they generate in real-time on the server always have say. 50 files in a given directory, and each file is a button on a page. is there any way to have angular or jquery “know” if the 50 files exist? So if files 1-10 exist, the button has a different cl*** to it versus a non-existent file? I’m trying to wrap my head around if this is something

Wickersham: Strictly server-side or if it could be done client-side. I’m thinking even if it was client-side capable, it would have to try hitting all 50 files in order to know if they existed. blah.

Blakeley: Does anybody tested jquery mobile on iOS 9 Beta?

Bjorkquist: Http:// why they box trembles/shakes ? if i mousover ? not normal smooth,easing transform ?

Balsiger: Km4: dont understand?

Mantele: Km4: you use mouseover/out

Galeano: Aah, you move the box to the right

Bucaro: So when the element move out from the cursor it triggers to go back

Delone: And then ur not “mouse over” anymore

Golay: Km4: the simplest solution is to add a parent that has a constant position and has the needed size of it all

Nondorf: And bind the event there instead

Bjorkquist: Its move fine when i dont move my mous on the link

Beswick: Ya, cause the mouse event isn’t triggered unless you move the mouse

Putty: Km4: because the mouesover event checks only if your mouse moves or not

Mariska: Also you can do that animation without needing js

Bjorkquist: Http:// look, this sidebar, working very nice not like my ;/

Bjorkquist: They too have mouseout i guess

Escareno: Km4: except it doesn’t move away from the cursor like your does

Drewski: Hi! Looking for help. I have a group of 3 inputs. Each input has it’s own type. Thier name are the following “input${input_type}. I want to change $ to a counter, so inputs with a same group would have one number. How would i go about doing it?

Zinter: Saturn812: not sure what you mean

Alcina: Are you looking for a way to replace the $ in the string?

Mcclellon: Yes, but i need to replace it in a group of 3

Mccarthy: Or ya groupId or how ever you want to store the replacement value

Fellon: Print”input${input_type}”.replace’$’, 3

Goodland: Ah, the bot is down again

Stitely: That would replace $ with 3?

Fetner: Saturn812:

Marsch: Sounds like you need to read up on standard js functions

Teachman: That’s not what i meant

Beauman: I need 3 inputs have a similar value replaced. Then increase value of counter and replace next three input with one number

Pollom: Saturn812: ya, so you have to loop the elements, modify the value you get from name

Gade: And replace the name with the new string you want

Taha: There is no built in “find element and modify the string in attribute x” if that is what you’re looking for

Cornwall: I hvae an issue on my x-axis tickes D3 graph

Tinnin: Http://

Grider: For loop is just looks agly :

Boop: I have data from 2006 but x-axis ticks are displaying from 2007 but I need to display from 2006

Donatien: Saturn812: well so use $.each

Gabourel: You still have to loop it