You shouldn’t give jquery.

Vulich: I have this code here it supposes to diable the #coname if typing inside the name,lastname input.the problem is that some times it does not work.and I cannot find out why

Glinkerman: Hellyeah: I have a plugin for that here – – but I don’t know where i copied it from.

Mattila: Dimi1947: got a use case for when it does not work?

Ellett: Mattila: so i will get this script as query string in javascript and p*** it to c# as parameter

Soqui: Mattila: thats just an idea

Emshwiller: I am hoping that make sense

Mattila: No what’s i’m saying is

Mattila: If you make a request, ex http://mysite?a=1&b=2

Mattila: How would you normally get ‘a’?

Sardina: String s = Request.QueryString”a”;

Mattila: So serialize your string and do “http://mysite?”+ serializedString

Mattila: Then it will work just like that for all those fields

Malchow: But the point is i cannot type anything to url

Otanicar: Just button will trigger method with proper parameters that contains part of query strings

Mattila: Which can fire an ajax request

Tanniehill: When button clicked it fires ajax request

Brousard: Which will serialize the string

Burow: And p*** to some area like text box and i will get this query string from that textbox in c#

Kriek: And split it then use those as parameters

Faggett: I hope that make sense

Mattila: Why can’t just send it with ajax?

Therrien: When start typing inside the name field.the coname field ought to become disabled but it does not

Pollom: Sorry for my english is not clear

Kapanke: I think there must be a problem with the conditional logic

Foesch: Mattila: i dont understand question clearly

Mattila: You keep saying write it to a textara

Mattila: I’m asking, why can you not when they click the button, serialize the form, and make the ajax request then

Mischo: I am kinda new on that business

Baur: I just try to find some way desgning an algorithm

Barrows: Let me serialize string i have

Mattila: Dimi1947: it keeps the coname enabled when you type in name because the last name is still blank

Mattila: If either are blank, the coname will not be disabled

Mccanless: Mattila: why it didnt serialize

Mattila: Dimi1947: so you want it to disable the coname if either first or last name are not blank?

Mattila: Hellyeah: you should really bind your click event outside of the ajax handler

Mattila: Not sure why your doing that

Mattila: Also ‘this’ is referring to the button clicked

Skiff: Hi, what is the best way to create a jquery object from an existing html string

Mattila: You need the form so $this.closest’form’

Coan: Zfmf: $$.p****HTMLhtml

Finkler: So always use $.p****HTML unless you can make sure it always starts with a tag as the first character

Hackethal: Mattila: Cork: problem is it’s then not searchable, when i search $string.find’html’ i get undefined

Mattila: Html isn’t usually a tag

Canerday: Zfmf: there isn’t any html dom element

Bastura: Mattila: you meant this

Wingstrom: Zfmf: dom can only contain what is inside body

Taschner: So if you try to p**** a full html page it will error correct what isn’t dom elements

Dalman: You shouldn’t give jquery full html pages