You normally need to.

Hatzell: Then you could color it by setting a background color

Hartung: Then you recomend me use better canvas?

Steinberg: Hartung: with canvas you can modify the images a bit like you can in an image program

Kregger: Or you could use svg and do it declarativly

Hartung: Then the way is svg or canvas? but not both?

Metzner: What you need is to have just the shadow of the door and then mask what part should be what in it

Demyan: Thankefully replacing white with transparent isn’t too hard

Goldberger: Well canvas and svg both have blending

Weibel: Anyone know how to make the jquery tabs content area automatically expand based on the info in it?

Lerman: I have collapsible set to true

Goldberger: Yeah there’s an option for it

Twomey: Never seen a point to jquery ui tabs, so haven’t used it enough

Sunford: I can replace about 70% of its functionality with ~10 – 15 lines of css

Taheri: So why use a js plugin

Hartung: Cork, decx: you mean have a initial layout of a door? same as:

Goldberger: Like so many jqui things

Bryington: The slider, menu and dialog are really hard to remake without the code is uses

Goldberger: I wrote many not all didnt i

Collie: But ya, my most loved plugin from ui is the slider

Averyt: Decx: it appears no matter the setting the height doesn’t adjust

Galbreth: Http://

Arvez: I use that a lot, the other i often replace with simpler none js parts

Duldulao: If i add elements dynamically to expand the area it doesn’t also expand the other data

Halderman: Hartung: that is an option yes

Ogunyemi: Hartung: alternatively you can use svg/canvas effects to modify the look of the image

Hartung: Ok first step, is maek the white area in transparent, right?

Lombard: Hartung: well first step is to store the areas where the window are suppose to go

Hilton: Hartung: then you can make the white areas alpha transparent

Fleury: Then you mask the window images with the first data

Canino: And overlay the door on a colored background

Coerver: And you have a complete door

Malinky: Oops listen to Cork, ignore me lol

Crunkleton: Hartung: and both canvas and svg can do this

Deshields: It is up to you if you prefer to do it in code or markup

Wells: Also the “data” for the window area can be stored as a mask image or as a vektor path

Hieserich: Hartung: the door part needs to become two sets of data

Goldberger: You’ll have to put in the work

Fischetti: One for where the window are, and one for what the door looks like

Begaye: This is needed as you need to be able to separate this info to do the other rendering

Wolke: You could simplify this by creating ready made image sets like the example you showed

Szychowski: That’s what my company does.

Gruhlke: But it is definitely possible to dynamically build it from components

Hartung: Friends i am reading:

Sholler: And not very hard if you can get the raw components made

Hartung: Its a good point of start of course i listen Cork advices and others

Schlotthauer: Hartung: not sure i would make the transparency modification on the fly

Mendiola: That can make things tough in unexpected places ex where the color leaks outside the door into the background of the door image

Niedermayer: You normally need to manually verify that the area you get is what you want