You mentioned 2 options.

Deierlein: Vanbecelaere: the problem isn’t the event

Olli: Vanbecelaere: it is that you do “when this special .fa is clicked slideToggle ALL project-info elements

Aucoin: You need to filter out the project element related to the event

Rilling: Zumba_ad_: ya, not much you can do about it

Turowski: Zumba_ad_: jsonp is a hack, and always will be

Eytchison: I’m still interested on what the person told me in stackoverflow

Rea: And a security problem

Wadden: I am not sure if the person knows what he was telling me

Congrove: Well no that wouldn’t work

Jovanovic: He was telling me to wrap the function with the try catch but i told him the function/callback is dynamiclly created

Escher: Cork: Alright, so something like this? But now it’s working on the wider screen not on the smaller one

Padlo: Cause the exception comes from the jsonp resource failing to call the function it has in its .js resource

Betti: Zumba_ad_: so the only way to catch that error is 1. bind an window.onerror, or 2. wrap the function inside the jsonp resoponse

Pittner: So it comes from the jsonp data I received? and inside that jsonp data, it’s calling the function? Is that how jsonp works? I’m not much familiar with jsonp

Wernick: Zumba_ad_: yes, jsonp works by the site defining a function and the resource calling the function with the json data

Bossert: Cork: i wrapped our $.ajax with try-catch. Is that what you mean?

Shipman: Ok let me fiddle something

Jongeling: Hi guys, I’m hoping someone can help me with this: – I’m trying to check if any submenus are open, and then close them if the user is closing the main menu.

Shown: Damn, I’m going to get cut in 3-5 mins since i’ll be arriving in the tunnel. I’ll still be online

Plomma: If I miss it Cork, I’ll be online again in few minutes

Chischilly: Zumba_ad_:

Simich: This is a half psudo code

Elamin: But this is basically how it works

Clinkenbeard: Cork: I’m still struggling with this, I can’t get it to work and it seems like the .project-info can’t be found?

Kjelland: Is there a way to target multiple element cl***es using toggleCl***? Example: $selector.toggleCl***’oldCl***1 oldCl***2 newCl***1 newCl***2′;

Trego: Did I miss the fiddle?

Szwaja: Vanbecelaere Cork: I’m still struggling with this, I can’t get it to work and it seems like the .project-info can’t be found?

Lipschutz: Vanbecelaere: .fa isn’t a parent

Welson: Vanbecelaere: you need to find the common parent of the project and the expand

Lauigne: Cork: I should I do that?

Cornick: Can’t wait to try it out on our code 😀

Colston: Vanbecelaere: i helped you with that exact problem

Vickery: Zumba_ad_: what i gave you wan’t meant to be used

Murillo: It was meant to explain how it works

Sutfin: Cork: I didn’t see the fiddle because I lost the connection when I left the train. Can you please paste it again

Lardydell: Zumba_ad_:

Schwer: Cork: It’s working! Thank you so much!

Besares: Am I right Cork that I will have to now add a function which will be ***igned to jsonpCallback and then put your logic into it?

Mogren: Zumba_ad_: what that fiddle shows you is what happens when you make a jsonp call

Robbinson: So what ever you do in the code for the “site” part wont catch the errors in the jsonp part

Wintle: As they aren’t related in execution

Hantzarides: You mentioned 2 options earlier