You either get flicker, or.

Sluder: Have the first 5 load normally and then do the rest like you are now.

Noakes: Ah ok, how about i load the original thumbnail on mouseenter while loading the lazy ones? can i do that? so that there is no flicker

Patricia: The original one is already loaded

Emslander: I feel like you’ve overcomplicating this.

Combe: Img src=”″ cl***=”ts-currslide” /

Rosselle: I’d do the first 5 or so.

Everson: Not just the first one.

Moradel: First 5 is too much for 100 items

Doniel: No it’s not. 5 small images should not have that kind of impact.

Keib: It’s 100 items like the one in the fiddle, each one with 9 frames

Goodsell: So there are 100 of these thumbnail prieview thingers?

Boisseau: You helped me do it the other day

Alvero: I ***uely remember something about 100 images. not 100 of these carousels.

Hockins: It works fine, i just have a flicker which looks like bad ux upon mouse entering each one

Schimek: I read that a half dozen times already ;

Caden: 500 images is a lot to load on one page

Schnathorst: Sounds like you need to make a spirte for each one that loads on mouseenter of the parent container or something

Denherder: Actually i guess it’s 900 images -_-

Mattila: So. what exactly is the point of this lazy load? cause as you have it, once you mouse over the first time, your going to load all 500.

Cocke: Robertmaxrees: this was the last fiddle

Mccreery: Are you already having performance problems?

Brevitz: No i just load the 9 frames of each item upon mouseenter on this item

Hafenstein: Like, have you actually tried any of this? can you corroborate your claims of poor performacne?

Mattila: So there are -not- 900 images.

Weyland: No, everything is fine except from that blank

Caro: Mattila there are 10 or so per “thumbnail”

Elliff: There are 10 “Thumbnails”

Dicara: It’s not poor performance, it’s a ux issue

Egli: He said there are 100 thumbnails

Engelke: Adv_ so then load the first 5 for all of them on pageload.

Hanstine: But first 5 of them is 500 images

Mattila: So the selector for the .lazy to load the thumbs is to broad

Lenherr: Adv_ have you actually tried it yet?

Amini: And did you run all of these images through a compressor?

Auzston: Then follow my advice from earlier.

Coressel: Otherwise, you’re basically stuck.

Casida: I get the blank flicker for some ms but it looks bad for ux

Kluver: Sure does, so load the first 5 normally.

Cucinotta: But why not the one that i have already loaded? the 1st one

Leahman: The initial one is already loaded.

Hehir: So that i stay with 100 initial loads instead of 500

Schneiders: Then you’ll have the flicker.

Stockham: I don’t get why you think that will change anything

Loron: That’s what is already happening

Benik: Loading the first one

Kaduk: I mean use normal image tags instead of the lazy loader.

Vogenthaler: The first 5 for all the thumbnail thingers.

Maier: Can’t i make it behave like: don’t display the other 8 frames until all have loaded ?

Stiliner: Now it’s inconsistently working based on something that shouldn’t matter to the end user.

Shuffield: You mean my last sentence?

Malchow: You either get flicker, or you’re loading a bunch of images on pageload. load event handlers aren’t necessarily reliable on images in the case unless you go through a bunch of rigamorale to get them to work.