You could also use your.

Pereida: Read the listing of functions

Chiera: And if you don’t know what a function does have a quick look at the funciton definition at the top of each page

Holbein: Reading the api like a book would just mean i forget 9/10 things because learning without context is hard

Holbein: But knowing the methods and looking up their options everytime you use a new one helps out

Holbein: This one is handy tho

Skovlund: Hi there. I’m looking for a way to replace text globally in a page. For a quick mockup, I just did x.html x.html.replace. , but I don’t want it to actually tamper with HTML. Is there a quick ninja-trick with selectors I can use to only run my replace function on “text”?

Holbein: You dont have to double call html, inside html you already have access to the html in stringform

Holbein: Htmlfunctioni,html{ return html.replace/replace/g,’replacewith’ something like that

Whitsitt: Oh, okay. That’s good to know, I guess :

Holbein: Text will flatten so you’d have to go to the deepest elements manually

Holbein: Probably more effort than just messing with the html in stringform

Sweda: Decx: what code editor/IDE are u using?

Joynson: Yeah. Doing some .each hocus-pocus is one way, I waas just wondering if there were any easier ways. I imagine trying to “manually” pick up text from a tag that may contain, say, pspanasdf/span ghjkl/p would be a h***le

Zindell: P is fine, you get the span, all good – but what about the text next to it? :p

Hartley: That looks a lot more helpful than messing around with the strings themselves, thanks :p

Ayarza: Hello, I have a third-party widget which I want to extend. Is this possible?

Holbein: Contents on your p would have 2 elements, span and a textnode, but what if there’s another level of elements inside the span

Holbein: So you’d have to do contents on your contents

Holbein: All the global replacers for word highlights or something i’ve seen just do replace on a big *** html string

Scaman: I’d already counted on having to go recursive in order to do it “properly”

Letarte: Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem that bad. Certainly preferrable to taking the risk of replacing something you shouldn’t and ****ing up the whole page, lol

Mcclurg: When you run through an $.each loop, how can I target the first element/object in the loop?

Luevano: Something like element0

Barbier: As I want to do something in that loop with just the first object, and something different with the rest

Obergfell: Does anyone have a jquery plugin for full screen navigation/

Juergens: Full screen navigation?

Stakelin: Robertmaxrees http://tymp****.net/Development/FullscreenOverlayStyles/

Maye: Robertmaxrees an overlay of a navigation

Fredricks: You should be able to use what’s on that page then,.

Shambley: Not a lot rindolf. you?

Gripp: Robertmaxrees: I’ve tested and validated two Mageia Linux updates today.

Zepp: Robertmaxrees: and went on two walks.

Drebes: Robertmaxrees: and was the first to 11:11 on #Reddit

Reuter: I don’t know what your last sentence means.

Arizola: Hello, i was wondering, there is a way to listen to ajax calls?

Lavesque: Rogger_h what do you mean?

Broeckel: I mean everytime ajax call happened i will know about it

Fredlund: Same like click,change event listners

Brackbill: Https:// these exist, but only work for jquery ajax events iirc.

Shoemate: Though i’d avoid using those if possible.

Rolston: So if its not jquery i wont be able to know about them

Mcgowan: What about, on dom update

Krieger: You could also use your network panel in your dev tools.