You can’t “override”.

Szychowski: Not providing that context throws people in a loop.

Salmonson: Berpcor2: if there are any argument variables left they become undefined

Eschenbrenner: I think I am just S.O.L. :

Szychowski: Cork provided an option up above.

Hiscox: Cork what do you mean by load the player in an iframe sir?

Holmlund: Instead of embedding the player directly in the main page

Nice: Create a separate page with just that part of the html/js

Fahrni: And when the video ends just do window.reload in the iframe

Millonzi: And the entire dom will be thrown away

Athas: Cork:

Veley: Won’t there be a visible refresh?

Kment: If that doesn’t close the socket then nothing you can do will

Elk: Jagst3r15: sure, but so will removing the video element

Dashner: Aren’t you just swapping the source?

Curcio: Uh. cause your removing the image?

Dajer: Jagst3r15: the fix you lined did video.remove

Bickler: Cork my solution was based on that. I am storing the source as a variable and then adding/removing it based on video start/end

Medawar: I don’t think removing source elements will cause the socket to close

Herley: Cork: Are you still here? Too many questions?

Shark: Berpcor2: you dind’t ask a question as far as i saw

Wilkerson: come this one doesn’t throw that promises error and this one does

Lippoldt: Doesn’t make any sense

Sonnabend: Writing the question in the pb is normally not the best choice

Bosley: Https://

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 in chrome you mean?

Beissel: Berpcor2: if you by redeclare what happens if an argument has the name as a higher scope variable

Gruby: I did a diff and there isn’t much difference

Hatmaker: Berpcor2: then the answer is that you can’t reach the higher variable

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 how are you triggering the error?

Bloedel: As the name gets taken locally

Santigo: Szychowski by going to the end of the initial video and the trying to click on one of the “click me” lis

Puff: Berpcor2: my point was that you should ask the question in the channel, and not just link a pb

Herschel: Berpcor2: else ppl tend to miss the question as you didn’t ask one

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 so what are the differences between the two?

Escamilla: Szychowski

Szychowski: So what does that mean to you?

Szychowski: I’m asking you to look at it and experiment.

Milillo: Cork: Another words, again, docs should also give me information what exactly arguments order number I should use to p*** my own ones for I could not override usefull information?.

Hochstein: Cork: Ok, I’ll ask the questions in the channel.

Szychowski: Berpcor2 the docs imply the order of the arguments.

Szychowski: Berpcor2 you can name them whatever you want in your callbacks.

Safko: The docs give you what they contain

Szychowski: It’s apart of knowing the language.

Alquijay: Not what you my name them

Pfefferle: You didn’t understand the last sentence. I mean that indirectly I can get knowledge about how I can p*** my own data to function without missing the information which is p***ed to a function by API or some plugin. But I understood you.

Szychowski: Yeah, you can’t really do that.

Ihm: So much confusion over parameters

Szychowski: You can’t “override” whatever the api specifies as the callback arguments.