You can do a single cl***.

Henriquez: How do you mean to “ditch seconds”

Whitsett: Don’t display seconds.

Dudzinski: I liked more option

Federico: To have a socket open, updating every second

Cinquanti: Sounds like a lot of work to know a server’s time.

Zamborano: I was trying to synch with offsets, and relay seconds the clock

Koyanagi: But I was always getting a difference

Belleville: Why not just ssh into the box and check?

Asal: Like, why do you need the time that bad?

Maki: Its for a web game, when the server clock means something for players

Reary: According to seconds, it will show items, etc

Cisneroz: Then you’d definitely need to sync everything.

Geldrich: I can’t show wrong seconcds

Tremillo: Because now you’re managing state across a whole lot of clients.

Chicalace: I did not found a good solution

Santilukka: Using ajax+relay times+offsets

Bretthauer: Never trust the client clock in that case. it’ll never be accurate.

Demarse: Thanks a lot for the help

Benejan: Why can’t you use sockts

Kundanani: But would know if could bug long polling

Coday: Thanks a lot for help

Mccue: Does jQuery or jQuery UI automatically add a div with cl*** ui-checkbox to any checkbox?

Lay: Claytonzaugg: wouldn’t think so

Roloson: Not unless you tell it to iirc.

Osmus: Because my bit of code is always getting destroyed from the addition of an outter div with cl*** ui-checkbox and a ton of other cl***es ***igned to my label, ui-btn ui-corner-all ui-btn-inherit ui-btn-icon-left ui-checkbox-on

Colian: I’m building a calculator and i’m trying to p*** the values “+”, “-“, “/” and “*” to the display, but it onlt works with “-“. What am I doing wrong?

Pogar: Marcelofb special chars – use data attributes for this instead.

Wheelis: Http://

Molavi: Robertmaxrees, it still work only with “-”

Gastel: Or update the above one, since apparently i don’t know what your issue is, then :

Ouye: Is there a guide to help me build example 2 without a checkbox?

Ordman: Robertmaxrees, take a look, only “-” works

Nevares: Your wanting a toggle with just the animation?

Vanhandel: Marcelofb look where?

Midcap: Robertmaxrees,

Tengben: Marcelofb that’s not how you use jsfiddle lol

Clampett: You got html in your js area

Morning: Http://

Aceret: Move all the js into the js area.

Antoniak: Pop it back here when you’re done :

Figures: Also: you’re making this much harder on yourself.

Groepper: Is this a homework ***ignment? or are we seriously reinventing a calculator for a webpage?

Ronsini: That’s what’s causing your problems, and you don’t want them anyway.

Spadard: Also all those separate inline scripts look nasty, imho

Balsam: You could condense them in one at th eend

Renschler: Yes i know but it’s more like a question of study method

Philhower: The way you’re doing this is wrong.

Rinebold: You only need a single .click at the very end.

Ardd: And you don’t need to use IDs whatsoever. in fact, the IDs are what are causing this to not work.

Hisman: But ir i remove the id’s nothing works

Tone: Right – you’ll need to update your js as well.

Cardell: You can do a single cl*** selector instead.