Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Shimkus: Feathersanddown, I will add that. But this is not a ajax call. The form gets submitted when i do a click on #return_to_previous_view button

Robey: Feathersanddown, Result of that console.log is this though

Grinvalsky: Csrfmiddlewaretoken=LLRdcSKHL8pO3ExpXhwKyC6MzfdhsRcA&load_nbr=343348&vehicle_or_conductor=CONDUCTOR&vehicle_plate_number_input=XXXXXX&conductor_rut_input=111111111&seal_bin_input=&seal_load_input=

Askam: Do you know if “seal_bin” is filled correctly?

Rusk: Feathersanddown, Yes. I did a alert and it showed up

Roche: What say firefox/chrome in network tab ?

Luncsford: Feathersanddown, I will check now

Uyeda: WHat could be the calllback event to call when a user enters some data on a textfield and presses tab or moves to another field?

Weisenberg: I’ve got some things being hidden with .hide, but as the page loads, you can see them for a second or so, then they hide. How can they be hidden instantly?

Lindholm: Im trying to a blob of a canvas to upload it. using this code:

Lindholm: But on the dev console, i’m getting: Uncaught TypeError: $..cropper..toBlob is not a function

Onezne: I have a form that is dynamically generated through ajax, but I am not able to submit the form through ajax after. I believe that my problem is my js doesn’t see the newly created form. Is there a method I should look into? I don’t have any code to show, it is closed source, I am a student though.

Piluso: Have you got time to step through it? Like; how is the JS attempting to submit the form? Is something bound to the form, or to a submit button?

Gesner: It might be best if you could write a pastebin, mimicking the bare minimum of how your form is structured, and the JS that’s listening/reacting to it.

Jez: There is a submit button, js is listening for me to click it using the .submit function. But it won’t even react to that.

Eyer: So all you’d need is; form id=”blah” action=”blah”button id=”blah”/form, then the JS; $”#formId/#buttonId”.on”.” etc

Karpin: Let me try that, one moment

Bolten: Ok. So are you using .submit to register a handler button.on”submit”.., or are you triggering it on another event; button.submit?

Weisenberg: Wondering if doctorly is having a similar issue to what I’m running into.

Weisenberg: I *can* share some code though :

Javis: Doctorly: read the delegated events part

Weisenberg: I’ll share a pastebin then explain my trouble. Might help him/her out

Polski: Tash: please use

Pilkinton: Uhkis: yeah it might be as simple as; $”#idOfStaticElementContainingForm.on”submit”, “#idOfDynamicForm”, functione etc.

Kudrle: Yeah, I am using .submit I think that the link Uhkis just posted is what I need

Weisenberg: Uhkis: sure, will use jsfiddle

Fearn: If the form’s generated, it’s possible the submit handler is attempted to be bound before the form’s rendered.

Rold: Monk3y: I tried something like that, but I think I just don’t know enough about the method, I will read more

Besch: Monk3y: I think that is exactly what is happening

Brew: Yeah ok. Can you tell me the element you create the form ‘inside’? As in, its static parent that’s there when the page is rendered?

Weisenberg: Https:// Sorry I don’t think the fiddle is really as complete as it needs to be. The trouble I’m having is when I click on the Acknowledge button, nothing happens. Literally nothing. I’d at least expect the console.log to show something in the console. But nothing. When the page I’m working with loads, the hide stuff works properly. I’m trying to show it based on the user clicking the Acknowledge button.

Weisenberg: Basically trying to un-hide the stuff I hid

Weisenberg: Hmm, I thin I’m missing a curly

Desort: Tash: you didn’t close your do***ent.ready function

Weisenberg: Yeah, that’s what I meant by just mentioning I think I’m missing a curly . one sec