Why won’t it work? The.

Wigboldy: Not sure what to attribute it to, but manually grabbing values seems to have done it for me.

Coss: Perhaps after a while you will be able to optimize the code a bit

Pae: Jonez, indeed. thank you very much for helping me. you are very kind :

Tragesser: I have js which I know can be much better written, but it works so I leave it alone

Merker: Urmal_, np, happy to help :

Gumm: Hi, i have span id=”xxx” span span, how can can I select _only_ the middle one?

Urbina: Gore try span id=”xxx”span cl***=”select-this-one”span cl***=”the-other-one”

Cockran: Then select $’#xxx .select-this-one’

Larios: Can´t, it´s amazon + greasemonkey

Ori: Tried, oddly enough I got an empty string there

Durate: You’re not really being clear as to what you’re trying to do

Donton: So its difficult to help you to achieve it

Calegari: Http://i.imgur.com/MMewTt7.png

Brosky: Gore note that calling .html will also give you the 3rd span as well so you need to work out how to strip that out

Barickman: Yeah, that´s basicly my problem

Goger: Gore https://jsfiddle.net/4v346f1x/

Grose: You could substring the output so that it only outputs everything until the next span. html returns the contents as a text string so should be relatively simple

Thometz: Doesn´t need substr a length, I don´t have that

Mose: Hey guys i have a div that is loaded with jax. inside that div is a form that i want to select using jquery. how do i correctly select that form by id?

Sznejkowski: Gore use .indexOf as in this paste https://jsfiddle.net/4v346f1x/1/

Digian: You can .indexOf’span’ to get an accurate look

Zolinski: Hey guys i have a div that is loaded with ajax. inside that div is a form that i want to select using jquery. how do i correctly select that form by id? thnks in advance.

Corpeno: SledgeDJ are you really using 2 users to ask the same question?

Midthun: Got booted from server

Berth: Jerit saved the day thank you

Durkins: SledgeDJ okay well can you show me some html? Without knowing the rendered html in the div its hard to say

Dool: SledgeDJ initially I’d opt for a $’div#ajax form’ selector

Welshans: Jerit: http://jsbin.com/deloxepado/edit?html,output everything inside .cart is inserted with ajax. the form i want to select it #qty-form so i can do ajax form submission on qty change

Koualeski: I’m trying to change the attr’href’ of $’.cl***’. how can i say $this within a cl***?

Bejerano: For example, href=’something’ , so i want to change it to ‘something#hash’

Lariviere: Holy crap nuggets SledgeDJ what even is that nesting

Vanostberg: I tried this: $’.something’.attr’href’, $this.attr’href’ + ‘#something’;

Haddad: Jerit: ya someone else cretted this html it is a mess

Medious: I’m wondering what that $this should be instead

Roskelley: Jerit: i will probablly clean it up soon but first i need to be able to select this form

Szmalc: Iateadonut you’re trying to change a cl***=”something” href=”” to a cl***=”something” href=”#something” ?

Daddario: A cl***=”something” href=”href1″ to a cl***=”something” href=”href1#something”

Hipol: A cl***=”something” href=”href2″ to a cl***=”something” href=”href2#something”

Tepp: SledgeDJ I think you can get away with $’.cart #qty-form’

Seanger: You can try being more specific too $’.cart form#qty-form’

Marcet: Iateadonut $’a.something’.attr’href’, $this.attr’href’ + ‘#something’

Tanikella: If that doesn’t work, explicitly specify $’a.something’.attr’href’, $’a.something’.attr’href’ + ‘#something’

Benes: I treid the first one; the second one won’t work i think

Cerecedes: Why won’t it work? The attribute hasn’t been changed yet