What if you tried and set.

Ihm: I don’t see where in clicking of a box2 the year that your changing the date

Jaworowski: Baako: that can help http://jsfiddle.net/JimUBC/d6mSA/

Freiler: Ihm: i concerned this line should change it $from.datepicker”setDate”, currentDate.focus;

Kallstrom: Hellyeah, that is the default example of jquery ui

Cromley: For accordion if you add anything after the accordion selector it goes wrong

Stimson: Http://jsfiddle.net/baako/d6mSA/999/

Newbury: Same example has yours before what i did was add div

Alaya: After div id=”accordion”

Ihm: Hellyeah: that’s in the handler for the month change

Washington: I didnt use accordion before it seems you should use div for getting accordion

Ihm: All your doing in the year one is closing modals

Mccree: CurrentDate.setFullYearNumber$”span.ui-dialog-title”.text, month;

Neidiger: Stackoverflow time i guess

Lasik: This line should get year value, and month

Lena: Ihm: it has worked before gettinr dialog boxes to the top

Ihm: You don’t understand that your not changing the date and that the date is not changing?

Buie: I get mopnth and year value correctly i checked it

Cimo: Baako: this is so example http://jsfiddle.net/frjyg/

Nate: Hellyeah, again h3a href=”#”Sports/a/h3

Daneker: Come after div id=”accordion”

Ihm: Https://jsfiddle.net/xjff0drs/28/

Wencl: Ihm: what did you change?

Ihm: Your box1 and 2 clicking

Huiting: Ihm: i am sorry can you say it again

Ihm: Your box1 and 2 clicking

Cuccinello: Weikert, i have asked in stackoverflow hopefully someone who has had a similar issue sees it

Weikert: The only thing i can give you as a suggestion

Weikert: Check example codes in jquery ui

Huxtable: What is the issue specifically?

Ihm: Weikert: btw, $box1 and $box2 could be more readable it you named them what they actually are

Weikert: Ihm: like monthBox and yearBox

Ihm: Something. i had to search to figure out what they were. it’s a smell

Clapsaddle: Nxplus, https://jsfiddle.net/baako/07w55tyj/10/ when you click on the load button

Canepa: Accordion ony works for Pay with debit or credit card

Engblom: It ignores the other h3 header for mastercard . and visa .

Weikert: I forgot what smell means in that context

Ihm: A code smell. it’s a sign that something may be wrong, or could be done better

Ihm: Might not, but a code smell always means you should investigate more and see if you can make it better

Weikert: H3s not wrapped by a div

Weikert: Last one is wrapped baako

Goldberger: You call accordion on #accordion only

Ihm: Weikert: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_smell

Asman: Baako: maybe this helps. https://jsfiddle.net/07w55tyj/11/

Goldberger: I made the fake load button because it’s loaded from a button

Woldt: Shoky, what did you do i cant notice any

Asman: Baako: you looked at it for less than a minute and you’re already asking questions?

Sensenbach: Shoky, ahaha am just amazed

Asman: Baako: when you keep it simple and follow the docs, stuff works ;p

Goldberger: Just stop stacking divs inside each other

Goldberger: My template function can only do so much :p

Asman: Are you really storing cc numbers? :

Asman: Hope you know your PCI stuff :S

Angier: What if you tried and set the accordion after the scope/angular is fully loaded?