What are the cases for.

Szychowski: And i told you to put that var INSIDE the callback.

Szychowski: Bazan one thing at a time :

Szychowski: They need to get the scoping problem first.

Szychowski: Berpcor https://jsfiddle.net/Szychowski/qvh4oabj/

Szychowski: Though Bazan has a very salient point that we’ll talk about in a second.

Baldrige: Moving the function outside the loop forces a scope re-think. That was my whole angle 😛

Szychowski: Heh, he needs to undestand the scope to begin with.

Carothers: Ok, I move it outside for loop, but how I’ll write it there? Manually for each of 7 images?

Szychowski: This is why i wasn’t suggesting that quite yet heh

Stroup: Haha, okay, I’ll back off.

Szychowski: You’d write a function that you’d call within the for loop.

Sprinkle: Berpcor2: Szychowski and I were attacking it from completely different angles. Sorry I made it confusing for you.

Szychowski: Heh, going to get to the same end result though.

Maltese: Sorry? Now sorries. You are tried and trying to help

Szychowski: I’m going to save you some guesswork on this one: https://jsfiddle.net/Szychowski/ny3vku7w/1/

Szychowski: Though that return isn’t in a very good place.

Szychowski: And that’s where this gets REALLY confusing :

Szychowski: Because now var r = mgallery.getAllWardrobeData; doesn’t work.

Lees: Https://jsfiddle.net/qvh4oabj/1/

Szychowski: Sure, but you’re confusing vars again.

Szychowski: For loops don’t have scope.

Szychowski: And you don’t need curIndex

Szychowski: Look at the fiddle i sent.

Szychowski: But this approach won’t work without you reworking lots of other code because you need to start using deferreds./

Szychowski: Because you can’t use return result; that way.

Mandap: Why I can’t return that way?

Szychowski: Because .load is asynchronous.

Szychowski: And the callback isn’t returning to the function you think it is.

Arboleda: So it returns to. nowhere?

Szychowski: It returns to jquery.

Szychowski: You can’t capture it.

Szychowski: And wouldn’t want to anyway – being able to return out of an ajax call like that would lock the browser with current javascript.

Spadaccini: Well. yes, async functions were created for different purposes.

Philp: It is not target use.

Szychowski: That’s nopt realy way.

Szychowski: It’s because the browser would have to stop everything it’s doing and wait for the call to finish before it’d know what to do next.

Redgate: I need a good course of javascript.

Szychowski: Http://learn.jquery.com/

Szychowski: This is a good basic tutorial for jquery with some general js stuff thrown in.

Ulisch: What if my array of data won’t be formed by the time I need it as load is async, what if there would be some problem about getting access to files? Is that possible?

Szychowski: Right, so the real way you fix this is learn promises.

Opunui: Https://api.jquery.com/promise/

Szychowski: Https://learn.jquery.com/code-organization/deferreds/

Lanford: So, the main idea is I won’t loose control upon any action?

Szychowski: The main idea is you can’t execute some things until others have finished.

Szychowski: So you use promises to control that.

Werk: I think that I shouldn’t use it in my case. That’s why. I do all that stuff when I click on some image. Click initialize jquery plugin image gallery. So, user will have to wait until all operations will be done.

Szychowski: Otherwise your code will never work.

Noffsinger: What are the cases for using this functionality?