We’re explained a few.

Szychowski: So you need to print that to the page somehow.

Ihm: Throw them in hidden fields

Milson: I could do hidden, just wasn’t sure if that was the way to go

Ihm: Idk, something with data elements maybe?

Szychowski: You could do something like var window.myData = YOURDATAHERE; where YOURDATAHERE is output with a JSON encoding lib or something similar.

Szychowski: He have a thing here called “dataLayer” that contains that kinds of stuff.

Ihm: You talking about a model?

Szychowski: Heh, no. this was more of a stopgap before we widely adopted bootstrap.

Fabin: What’s teh opposite of closest for transversal ?

Ihm: If object description is unique to the select, yeah i’d stick it on the select as a data

Huisinga: Does that go from SelectA.findselectorB . will it stop on first selector match ?

Szychowski: No. that finds all descendents that match your selector.

Ur: Anythign that transverses downward, to next ?

Litecky: Closestselector transverses up to next matching selector

Debarge: But not “all” just closest.

Troncoso: I want inverse, next matching, downward.

Ihm: You can always get eq0

Tornow: But not “all” matching downwards

Szychowski: There is no direct ****ogue for what you want.

Szychowski: Not the same as .closest fwiw.

Ihm: Your after the first one

Ihm: Is there more than one?

Szychowski: And depending on the kind of structure you have, .find should be fine.

Ihm: Ooc, what was your negative with querySelector?

Szychowski: Now you’re in native DOM land, which means you need to get back to jquery land. or maybe you don’t.

Goldberger: Right it doesnt matter unless you have a **** load of .x

Sampang: Hi guys i want to create something generate those html elements http://kopy.io/GH3uZ from this data https://jsfiddle.net/zz6t49kf/1/

Szychowski: Depends on what you’re doing and how much you want to confuse the next guy who comes along.

Ihm: Console.log instead of alert pls!

Brieno: The kopi shows an example of what i want then jsfiddle shows the json. i will like to those that for each record and append it to the “accordin” id

Setters: How do i start please

Szychowski: Yeah don’t use alerts

Ihm: Anyway, i’m gonna head out and play with the homework ***ingments, errr, traffic lights

Ihm: Going to be a while before i forget that one

Szychowski: So eddy what are you trying to accomplish?

Szychowski: That inner $.each is totally unnecessarily.

Maniccia: Szychowski, the end result should look like this http://kopy.io/3cmAc

Szychowski: That’s not very good markup.

Szychowski: Can you move that h3 inside the div?

Szychowski: And you could .map.get.join”; this pretty easilly.

Goldberger: Accordion is weird like that

Heman: Szychowski, am still an amater with jquery

Szychowski: Okay. so what part is confusing?

Augello: Ideally i want to create those html elements and add it inside the accordion

Szychowski: So where are you lost with my explanation?

Zook: So it end up looking like this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByGgvwO76KWTYXFLNXR3Tkw3bGs

Ewards: Dont know how to do it robertmaxrees

Goldberger: You want a template of sort

Szychowski: I just explained one way. or you could use a templating engine of some kind.

Renzelman: Szychowski, but i still need to generate the html for each of the values in the json

Szychowski: We’re explained a few different ways to do that.