Well keep in mind that.

Hunley: Hello I’m new here. I know basic level Jquery . Can anybody tell me how can i improve myself ! Thanks in advance !

Niedermeier: Gaussian_blur: you can do so in http://try.jquery.com. I know it helped me a lot. in addition you can experiment on jsfiddle.net or codepen.io

Joiner: Okay I give up, my discussion client doesn’t let me do funky

Modine: I’m a newbie ! wanna ask you few things :

Bertaina: Way more experience here than in any pm

Reyner: We all were newbies once

Rosenblum: But if everyone helped everyone in pm, noone would have learned anything

Pen: Actually i wanna do open source programming , from where should i start ?

Leriche: Uhkis: can you help me about why $.mobile.changePage is not working at all in http://termbin.com/b996 ?

Mccormik: Gaussian_blur: pick a language

Stefka: I know java javascript

Sovey: Learning libraries in javascript

Garbarini: Gaussian_blur: learn git and start a project on github

Oleksa: You wanna do front-end?

Fricano: Yeah i did something ! basic html css javscript

Veader: Sure i wanna try more

Phommajack: Gaussian_blur: best way to learn stuff is use them in a project

Piskura: Maybe get freelancing work

Ushioda: That pressures you time-wise, and you don’t get lazy***

Hoosier: Hurry: sorry, i dont know jqm. start by checking for js errors

Drube: Uhkis: no errors, nothing

Lloyd: Nothing in dev tools network tab

Girolamo: How to get suitable projects ? git ?

Schey: Git is a version control system dude

Stallworth: Has little to do with projects

Gremminger: 12:49:41 *alis* #jquerymobile 2 :Channel closed – support moved to Coriano — heh

Deguzman: Git has everything to do with projects ;

Galbraith: Utkis: can u elaborate ?

Ezzo: Almost every project uses git nowadays

Dingivan: Uhkis: agreed, but s/he said suitable projects

Proto: Uhkis : but as a newbie do u think working on big projects would help?

Vanolinda: Uhkis: plus, you don’t use git /in/ a project, you use it to /control/ it

Stow: Did I stumble into #semantics by accident?

Heinbach: Hurry, why are you using ajax inside of ajax? not saying its wrong, just wondering?

Erie: Whirledpress: I have to, otherwise I get CSRF validation failure

Behling: I believe you, just don’t get it. You have type=post but no data in the outer ajax, how can that ever succeed?

Balock: Gaussian_blur: not necessarily big but well made like has tests and clean code etc

Dellavalle: You get a session token in the first ajax call that you use to authenticate. I see it now.

Worek: Whirledpress: are you a wordpresser?

Hardie: I wouldn’t go that far.lol

Smtih: You wouldn’t go that far about wordpress, or using nested ajax calls?

Kumlander: I wouldn’t pledge allegiance to WordPress. lol I do wordpress, but mostly it does me.

Bussinger: I struggle with wordpress and it’s logical inconsistencies and arbitrary weirdness. In fact, the irony is that I am working on a theme that uses ajax to wordpress.

Pratts: Well wp’s code is a horrible mess 😀

Kenndey: But somehow honorable, I suppose. Their dedication to backwards compatiblity is what makes it a mess, but also what keeps 1/3 of the web running.

Tuorto: So thats the reason for all that spaghetti

Marchesano: Uhkis: idk if that is still the case, but you had to edit functions.php just to get another content type like drupal does beautifully

Veazey: Well keep in mind that WordPress is a blog at heart.