Vincentgabriel: should work.

Asman: Nxplus problem already solved. also what does angular have to do with anything

Peale: Shoky: I noticed the {{xxxx}}, so what did I miss, what was the problem? hehe

Asman: Nxplus: they weren’t following the docs properly. accordions should contain only headers followed by content for each header, not a bunch of nested divs

Samuelsen: I am using a fuel ux step wizard and i am trying to override a function

Ihm: What are you trying to do?

Swire: On the event of click of next button i want to trigger my own function and then if everything is okay, i want the fuel ux to work normally

Applen: Otherwise i don’t want to propogate further

Kahn: So i tried something like this – $’.btn-next’.clickfunctionevent{ event.preventDefault . my functionality }

Bogut: The thing is, even before the click event.preventDefault the fuel ux functionality for next starts

Ihm: Looks like there is a ‘actionclicked.fu.wizard’ event that is fired when it’s transitioning to the next step

Gosda: I am trying to understand the meaning of this var e = $.Event ‘actionclicked.fu.wizard’ ; in next

Malinky: Http://

Dabdoub: Well i don’t step change to happen as it says in the event doc

Baumbusch: Well i don’t *want* step change to happen as it says in the event doc

Ihm: Right. it says you can cancel it

Natter: And anyhow the event.preventDefault

Ihm: Read the description for that event.

Coates: I added var e = $.Event ‘changed.fu.wizard’ e.preventDefault; in $’.btn-next’.click

Ihm: Dude, that page has an example of how to bind on that event

Ihm: Right below the events.

Ihm: You can’t create your own event and then cancel it. that does nothing

Mimaki: If stillNotCrashed doNothingLoop;

Coman: Feeling so stupid although i implemented everything reading off that doc, still i missed those details

Larochelle: I console.logdata; and see {“status”:”OK”}. if I console.logd.status, I get undefined.

Ihm: D.status or data.status ?

Ihm: Console.logtypeof data

Ihm: Data.status should work then

Tyon: Should not be ‘”status”‘

Ihm: So you just need to p**** it

Lossman: Console.logdata'”status”‘;

Strutz: But probably easier to fix earlier on

Ihm: He said it’s a string. JSON.p****data.status

Wicklund: I thought not data is the string but the key

Ihm: Which creates an object

Reinsmith: Without any key status

Ruthledge: There is no data.status

Ihm: Https://

Donlan: That was the first try, that worked, then I did a second

Ihm: Https://

Lacour: My guess was

Strazza: Yours might be more obvious.

Santolucito: Hello! I am having a problem with writing a plugin where events that are attached to an element within a container div are fired only on the last element. I never wrote a plugin before and did a lot of search online and i couldn’t find an example on using events with a plugin that attaches to multiple elements by cl*** name for example. Gist available

Sego: Zix_ what is

Asman: Vincentgabriel: why are you using ‘self’ there? stop using it


Asman: Vincentgabriel: that is, use this instead

Goldberger: Well self = this in the constructor

Asman: Vincentgabriel: should work fine if you use this instead of self in line 38