Varun_Krishna: you’re.

Lagana: I’m talking about www

Busic: Sal: still don’t *have* to use JS

Sukhram: Don’t tell me java, flash or activex

Flanary: Sal: well those are options

Brinius: They are html plugins

Ceparano: I’m taking about a native browser language

Pollio: I’m talking about creating we pages starting with:

Kort: Why do you need to use a native browser language? you could always do everything serverside

Reaser: Why do we need that tho

Helfer: Anyone know of a plugin/library that could help a basic duplication of the Tesla build order form?

Mansel: You wanna expose all your code to the client?

Gails: A real oop under the hood

Bahm: What language was that?

Monsma: Sal: go build your website in Python or RoR or CF then

Stonebrook: Sal: I think you’re confused on how the web works

Jakubowski: To bad, that on client-side, you’ll be html

Sudan: Jayson, yes, i know, i told you before

Rennels: The today web works on google copy&paste

Mullinix: First think a programmer doies is think of what other’s work to use or copy

Bahm: Not all web and it doesn’t apply to just web

Seville: We used to start with the flow-chart

Phillip: Sal: or.a programmer thinks “Hey, someone else has done this perfectly already. Why re-do something that I can’t do properly when I can use this properly done thing”

Messer: Thats just what i’m saying

Eatough: All same look, all same fell, all same ux

Cascio: If one sux, they all sux

Brigham: Sal: well if you think something ****s, go make something better

Colarusso: Sal: you’ll eventually end up at recreating the web

Kawell: There are opensource guys playing around with python, apache, etc

Samano: Hi guys I want to split this string by 4 2 and 2 and I need to add / inbetween them

Zepeda: I think what you’re looking for is essentially a modular web where pre-compiled “packages” of applications are sent to the browser to be executed natively

Cramblet: Why aint there any opensource group that takes place of w3 and rewrites the entire www?

Marana: I.e. a desktop application

Klapperich: Sal: because there’s no need to?

Gudmundson: is controlled by ms, apple, sun, etc

Pevy: They tell those guys what must be p***ed and what not

Bahm: Varun_Krishna: look up RegExp.exec, character cl***, and repetition

Mcmorris: Jayson, that sould be the right direction

Pry: Sal: if that’s what you want then go use Android/Apple devices. they’re already there.

Pella: Web applications, had to be something like that

Felder: Bahm: I want to achieve somethinglike this 2015/09/09

Bahm: Varun_Krishna: but the quick answer is /d{4}d{2}d{2}/

Mishar: But thanks to apple, they just became html without flashù

Montaya: Ok, sorry if i was boring

Krostag: Need to find a nice solution for my backdrop panels

Gueth: Bahm:

Gradwell: But how do I add slash in between ?

Bahm: Varun_Krishna: you’re joining them with “br”, and you need to join with “/” instead. Also match returns “20150907”, “2015”, “09”, “07”, and you need to remove the first element first, and you can use Array.slice for that

Sollie: Http://

Groos: Why is it coming like this ?

Wangerin: Varun_Krishna: you’re requiering a css file that has a slow server