Using cheerio, i have this:.

Barvick: Thanks for the clarification because I don’t think you should be taking someone else’s fruit anyway on second thought 😛

Barvick: Who linked the Robert C Martin talk yesterday?

Roccia: Sorry, ignore the .html on the last one, I was copying your previous msg

Barvick: Whirledpress: where does it place the span in your first example?

Barvick: Doesn’t it specifically need an append

Yorton: There’s lots you can do before appending it

Barvick: Are all those behaviors DOM-free?

Barvick: Anything that comes before actual writing

Ruane: Hmmm, not sure if I understand the question. Yes they are detatched from the dom.

Barvick: So you can precompute a full dom node and only interact with the dom to write it out?

Njoku: In fact, I am working on a wordpress theme that does just that, yes

Stavis: Often when using ajax to load a page, you need to m***age the contents before appending it to the dom

Szabat: Span cl***=”green”text/span

Toppings: Var test = $’.green’.eachfunction {

Secrease: Because you can have multiple elements of the same cl***, sometimes you need to loop through each of the elements you selected to do something to them. .eachfunciton {} applies the function to each .green element

Vick: To get the text, you’d use .text

Macki: Another way to think of .each is when you have multiple items that have something that has to happen to every individual item, but not as a cl*** in general. So you might want to have all your green items change cl*** to yellow.

Moquin: Since they all do it, $”.green”.prop”cl***”,”yellow”;

Killoren: But if you want each one to change it’s text to identify it’s number, for example $”.green”.eachfunction i {$this.text “green #”+i;};

Barvick: Good point whirledpress

Carlock: Hi! I’d like to “freeze” an element, that’s only available when I hover over an image, setting :hover in the inspector or using $elementname.trigger’hover’ or mouseover/mouseenter doesn’t work. the usecase is any instagram account, like this one: when you hover over an image, you get the likes & comment count

Lapatra: Okay, now I’m really realy realy furstrated

Lapatra: Been on this for 2-3 hours

Lapatra: I selected an OPTION tag and wanted to insert another OPTION tag immedaitely after it

Vanderbilt: P cl***=”a”span style=”display: block:” span cl***=”content”text/span /span/p

Beyerl: Id like to use that style

Lapatra: Whenever I do $”#mySelect OPTION”3.after’OPTIONTESTING/OPTION’; it inserts INTO the text value of that 3rd item

Lapatra: It inserts as the text

Lapatra: Not in the right place.

Lapatra: I said inset AFTER the tag, not INTO the ta.

Lapatra: How the hell do I do this?

Redmon: Django_: $’.content’.text ?

Lapatra: Why is my .after insertion inserting INTO the element?

Lapatra: If I select an OPTION, how do I add another OPTION afterwards?

Gerstle: Lapatra, $”#mySelect option”3 gets the html element not the jquery object

Lapatra: Whirledpress: gah! I’m really frustrated then.

Lapatra: How do I insert after the 3rd item?

Axt: Selects the third option.

Lapatra: Whirledpress: i think that works.

Lapatra: I’ve been on this for 2-3 hours.

Nassie: Just remember that 3 selects the HTML element.not the jquery object. The jquery object has all the magic

Bloes: To select the 3rd element in any collection of jquery objects $”collection”.eq3 should do it

Castrellon: I always forget it’s offset from 0

Pfalmer: Using cheerio, i have this: request{ uri: } i wanna be able to make a function that takes in a link