Use .map to do it then.

Groder: Wrong place for that asas_

Tappeiner: If you want a freelancer, go to a channel for it. otherwise, we can help for free here.

Erazmus: Robertmaxrees : can you help me in a little issue

Szumigala: I dont knowwhat else to do

Dreyfus: Don’t ask to ask – ask the channel.

Rougeau: Just put your question out there :

Hoivik: Isn’t just a question

Asselmeier: You will have to see my script

Wallis: Right – that’s pretty common.

Lenox: Asas_: can you publicly share it?

Sieck: You could make a functioning use case here or paste up your code on a service like bpaste.

Werthman: Http://

Habina: This is a js function

Decant: Sow hat’s the question?

Derrow: I have a problem inside grep function

Vellutini: I have a main table with sublevels

Jabali: For each sublevel it must to get the info of that cell

Luthe: If you’re having an issue with just the grep, share an example of that data.

Furci: But in the grep function repeat the same last sublevels many times and doesn’t run all the cells

Carrizal: No becasue the grep function cause for the each funcion

Zimerman: Show us what the data looks like, yo.

Albright: Otherwise we can’t really help :_

Kleine: Http://

Maltie: You said something about the grep isn’t working correctly, right?

Gieseman: So you’re using grep with a weird for in loop to do. something. but you won’t show me the data.

Salisberry: So i’m not sure how you expect anybody to help you.

Hobkirk: Try boiling the question down – is it about $.grep? or about looping?

Versage: I thing better about looping

Dember: Also, if itemkey.itemNum == itemf && key == docf && itemkey.nit == $nit { is relaly strange.

Gutierrex: Docf starts as an array don’t use new Array by the way and then magicall turns ino a string later on.

Allerman: Http://

Durtsche: Like this you see if I dump docf var

Piccione: What is that fac variable?

Laudermilk: Http://

Ventura: And this if I dump inside the grep function the item vaiable

Sammut: Can I show you remotely?

Cortinas: Is very complex for explain with jsfiddle

Tuter: Please don’t PM me or send me creds or anything.

Leymeister: Just do console.logJSON.stringfyfac;

Bame: Right before that grep call.

Mcsparren: JSON.stringfy is not a function

Bracket: Missing an i in there.

Drylie: Robertmaxrees : how can I to store several vars from a each function in one var?

Kendzierski: You create an array and push them in.

Cunniff: Or use .map to put them into the var.

Lagasca: Depending on what you’re running the each against.

Kientz: Console.logJSON.stringifyfac; – just pop this data somewhere and share it.

Sonnenberg: Http://

Ernspiker: Asas_ that doesn’t make any sense – you have a bunch of strings?

Reeb: I’m struggling a bit with the autocomplete, can I fire my questions here, or do I need to go to the Phaneuf-ui?

Purter: Td cl***=”refer” id=”001″5200000016/td

Schlick: This is a td of my table

Therrell: Charpandnl you can ask here.

Ancar: Asas_ so you’re running .each against a bunch of DOM nodeS?

Jennette: I need to get all the ins’t checked

Randol: Use .map to do it then.