Upgrading jquery is not an.

Fujikake: I’m using the right selector. at least for css

Takenaka: Err, it’s applied to a parent element, but ‘.menu-full div’

Takenaka: Https://jsfiddle.net/0rcey3vo/7/

Takenaka: That’s not the right selector.

Rumph: I think it’s time to turn the computer off for a little bit

Takenaka: Nice break from the stuff i’m working on.

Fritchman: Any idea why on line 25 http://pastebin.com/cnTCMxg4 I am getting: jQuery”.concluding-case-video”.play is not a function. In ‘jQuery”.concluding-case-video”.play’, ‘jQuery”.concluding-case-video”.play’ is undefined

Takenaka: Is that a jquery method or a raw DOM method?

Yapp: So everything is working but I am trying to play the concluding video when the last case-slide is done

Takenaka: So notice how everywhere else it’s jQuerythis.find’.question-video’.get0.play; ?

Margolin: It is just an html5 video thing I believe

Takenaka: That .get0 is the important part.

Miron: But can you do jQuery’.concluding-case-video’.get0.play;

Takenaka: You can’t call native DOM methods/get native DOM properties on jquery objects.

Rienzo: I am still learning so I appreciate the explanations :

Markewich: Hi in D7, does anyone know how to open a accordion panel from external link. i am just using jquery accordion code, div cl***=”accordion”h3panel title/h3divpanel content/div/div thx

Takenaka: The docs should have info on that.

Takenaka: Ling2 http://api.jqueryui.com/accordion/#option-active

Koppelman: Takenaka: thx, i looked yesterday, i am very new about jquery, i dont know how to use this function in code :

Takenaka: See where it says “Get or set the active option, after initialization:” ?

Mitchell: Takenaka: would you mind to help me to figure out. thx

Fastic: Takenaka: yes, i see that

Takenaka: That’s how you use it.

Takenaka: The “setter” example.

Hauslein: Takenaka: what is .selector cl***. if i use .accordion cl***, in my case, should .accordion to replace .selector

Life: Takenaka: and in the example, what is number 2 for?

Takenaka: The docs explain all of this

Stankus: Takenaka: but when page load, i dont want any panel open. but in another page, there is link to open one panel, i will image link like domai.com/example#panel1, something like this.

Takenaka: Http://api.jqueryui.com/accordion/#option-collapsible

Takenaka: Then you’ll need to set this.

Takenaka: Then on pageload, you’ll need to read the window.location.hash.

Takenaka: If I were you, I’d start by getting the accordion working with hardcoded values.

Takenaka: Worry about the url part later.

Ailshire: Takenaka: accordion panel works fine. now i would like to open one panel from external link in another page.

Takenaka: Then you’d use the active option to set that.

Stillie: Takenaka: something like this http://jsfiddle.net/VZ3T5/1/. but in D7, jquery version is only 1.4

Takenaka: So that part is entirely irrelevant.

Kelley: Thats a dice robertmaxrees

Takenaka: Also: http://jsfiddle.net/VZ3T5/201/

Fasci: Takenaka: so with jquery 1.7, it has on function, and also data-panel?

Takenaka: Http://api.jquery.com/on/

Ryks: Takenaka: ok. then back to Drupal 7, if no jquery 1.7, is there anyway to achieve function like that

Takenaka: You said drupal uses 1.7.

Fleck: Takenaka: drupal 7, jquery is in 1.4 version

Takenaka: Ah i misread you earlier.

Desalle: Hmm i should think that drupal no matter what version of drupal could be set up to use any version of jquery you like

Kelley: Upgrading jquery is not an option?