Tuite: but normally they.

Heitz: Cork: yea thats what I meant sry

Montijano: I dont get why that .closest **** didnt work tho

Boekhout: Anyways this is a lot better

Demere: Anyone here that uses jquery draggable and ckeditor on the same element?

Kujak: Can I add a click handler to pseudo-elements?

Bosquez: This is not possible; pseudo-elements are not part of the DOM at all so you can’t bind any events directly to them, you can only bind to their parent elements.

Verrastro: You could get this to work using the css “pointer-events” attribute. But that wont really work in IE.

Earehart: Example:

Janocha: Cork, i found a solution

Mcclymonds: Xatenev: sorry missed the question, the reason .closest doesn’t work is cause .closest stands for .closestParent

Pires: I include a javascript file where i have an array of scripts i want to include, also i have a function loadScript which takes a url as a parameter. I include the source file and rune the function with the url parameter

Bloxham: Xatenev: it doesn’t find random elements that are “close” to it

Keanu: Cork: the title is a little misleading :p

Esquivez: Xatenev: closestParent isn’t exactly correct either

Grosland: Cause it matches it self and its parents

Stady: Http://

Janick: Hosoi: no, psudo elements can’t be targeted with js

Lansdowne: TedMed: you have to wait for the js to be loaded

Mcleland: You can’t just each loop it and then try to access it

Mitro: Cause that will run before the script has been p****d

Capel: Cork, i tried creating a new wrapper around id accordion the jquery ui accordion works but not has before it mixed the first 2 into 1 section

Yarrito: Baako: you just made #test101 the accordion.

Prisbrey: Not sure what you think you would accomplish by doing that

Dorph: Cork, : you said this before “Cork baako: the problem isn’t with template, it is with id=”accordion””

Garey: Which is why i did that

Mcclod: Baako: you do $’#accordion’.html

Gierlach: It means everything inside it will be removed

Mccier: Cork, i understand that which i saved i closed it before i started div id=”NewCardContainer”

Strange: In a way it works but the jquery ui accordion isnt working has expected

Dutka: Cork, i have remove thing around to make the naming less conversion

Mcswain: Test101.htmlsimplate2data, template everything in test101 will be removed

Barillaro: I know what the issue is, i think. looks like jquery ui according seem to start Displaying collapsible content panel after the the selector

Walvatne: So in my case the selector is accordion and the next element after that is test101

Morones: But what i want is the next element to be h3

Rusu: Hmmm Cork, you know my thing about ensuring that only 1 row is selected. Well, if I’m deleting data from my table, might be better to be able to select multiple rows for that

Lawary: Thinking I do that in a $”table”.eachfunction { // do ajax post to mvc controller to delete this row };

Wetz: Is it possible to say jQuery is compatible with 80 Billion hardwares to make big impression to end user like Oracle Java when you install they keep showing 3 billion devices use Java

Sarinsky: Why do I have to call .next0 instead of just .next ?

Pultz: Xatenev: Basic jQuery behaviour. Most functions return “some weird jquery object”.

Borup: This way you get used to it.

Perrins: Tuite: but normally they return “some weird jquery object” instead of “some weird jquery object inside an array inside a weird jquery object”