Toomus: note textarea.

Velunza: Surianup: you have to modify the values to what you want

Ozawa: That is what i told you before

Lapin: How the values need to change you need to figure out your self though it takes quite a bit of time to do that right

Genre: Cork: I need to increase the with but how can know this this the width code ?

Bunte: 0 % knowledge about htis

Babonis: You can use svg effects to scale the image

Nazario: Or you can resize the svg element

Wrighten: If you need to modify the path, you’re in for quite a bit of pain

Chaplen: I have a “$’foo’.htmldata;” and nothing is executed after it the breakpoints aren’t triggered

Rabern: But really but really disappointed

Deprez: Surianup:

Schweinberg: Read up on the data format and modify it if you need to

Corman: Tumulte: you need to share the context for anyone to be able to answer that

Dorlando: And the real code not psudo code

Geigel: Surianup: the thing is, there is no “make it bigger” when you want to resize a path

Odems: You have to modify each value to a new position to get that effect, i’ve done it and it isn’t fun

Katzen: Surianup: if you need help to understand how the data string works i recommend asking in #svg

Abide: But again, don’t expect someone to do the work for you

Orce: Support channels is here to answer questions, not do your job

Tomsche: Cork: it’s more of a general question is it possible that html somehow takes too much time and prevents the next action to work properly

Viken: Tumulte: html isn’t async so it can’t “take too much time”

Red: Damn. I have no clue then. But plain JS works

Rutkowski: If you give .html a string what it does except for some checks for script tags and so on

Petkus: Or basically just elm.innerHTML = string

Skillpa: I was able to p*** the nid

Cantakis: Https:// — how do I access field_ten_rengi? isn’t it data.nodes.field_ten_rengi?

Voisine: Cimiano: data0.node.field_ten_rengi

Derosset: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘node’ of undefined

Halgas: Ya, nodes is the array not data.

Sopp: Cimiano:

Lidey: I recommend to use a tool to pretty print the json

Schmeling: It makes life much simpler

Lindsley: It was data.nodes0.node.

Stavrositu: Field_ten_rengi is not in node

Kylish: Need to start hilighting more

Goodemote: Cimiano:

Desvergnes: How to get last line from textarea?

Columbres: Toomus: why do you want to get the last line from a textarea?

Buhler: Toomus: var arr = $’textarea’.val.split’n’; arrarr.length – 1

Shindorf: Cork: But what if content of textarea don’t have new line symbols?

Shrawder: Toomus: ‘textarea’.val.split’n’.match/n+$/0 then

Fincher: Toomus: ‘textarea’.val.match/n+$/0 then

Keno: Toomus: wouldn’t the first line be the last line too in that case

Bushway: This sounds like an XY problem

Madeira: He means “at most the last line”

Ravo: And ya, the regex would do that

Lacoy: Well. I’ll leave the experts to it.

Segovia: Yeah regex doesn’t work

Kempkens: Only problem is it will give you undefined if the textarea is empty

Roswick: OK, it works, but not as expected :

Orozco: Toomus: it implements what you asked for

Mathern: Toomus: note textarea wraps, and there isn’t much you can do to figure out that