Thing is kinda complicated.

Dobin: Or is this more of a css issue?

Ihm: Sounds like you have overflow:hidden or something somewhere in your css

Englin: Gotcha, I didn’t think it was the JS. I’ll do some looking around Ihm, thanks

Minichiello: Ihm: body { overflow: hidden; .} in a css cl*** for a lib I don’t use anymore.

Ihm: At least you found it, and now your down an unused lib!

Hougas: Malinky: thanks so much

Roy: Can you not put the data-month on the elements so you don’t have to do this in the js?

Malinky: Yes, that is a question. What is your best guess?

Rathmann: I am putting data-month because when you click any data on the monthsList that shows up after click datepicker-title i am getting value 0 to 11 and i put the month selection on that datepicker according to number for example jas is 0 feb is 1 etc.

Farrel: Thats why i am using data attribute

Ihm: It’s asking why your doing that in the js. rather than just putting it in the markup

Arambuia: Yeah i know this is the way i can think of

Kary: Yeah i understood the question

Matney: I dont know markup part

Kishbaugh: I mean there is a difference

Sallaz: Ihm: i am just confused

Ihm: So what are you confused about?

Spray: It seems i used data attribute in js

Macken: It is just like my doing

Ihm: You use data when it is a custom thing or you don’t have the ability to change the markup

Ihm: So just put the data in the markup

Ihm: Your fixing adding a missing element to the markup with js, instead of just not making it missing in the first place

Egerer: Div cl***=”box1 month1″ data-month=”0″

Dame: Still dont know the exact reason :p

Ihm: Your putting a door in your house

Ihm: But for some reason there’s a hole in the middle of it

Ihm: You made the door, you could have not put a hole there, but for some reason you did

Ihm: Now your like, hey i don’t want a hole

Ihm: But now every time you come back to the door, you remove the fix and say, hey i don’t want a hole

Ihm: Instead of not putting a hole in the dang door in the first place

Babb: This data attr is loaded just once

Quivoz: Instead of loading every time

Hixenbaugh: Ihm: you are really nice person

Ihm: Uh, it load every time

Ihm: Your just not fixing it every time

Shark: Okey my english is limited

Kilcher: I really understand btw

Magel: You should allow me to grab a beer for you one day :

Ihm: Not a drinker, but the offer is appreciated

Sultani: Man i really appreciated

Okamura: We are talking like six months

Friedstrom: You never refuse me always welcome me

Cretsinger: In the place i work some ppl are really jack***

Fielding: Xthey dont offer any help

Koets: Or they dont care what i am doin how i am doin

Ihm: Well, everyone has their own situation

Ihm: Maybe they don’t feel secure enough to help others

Yago: Actually i offer him to give some knowledge about what i am doing also basic js concepts

Ihm: I mean i remember when you first came in here you were talking about always being scared of losing your job

Mcgrue: They have just attitude to refuse

Vliet: Because i was scared for not writing those codes

Mccoyle: I guess i really cultivated

Ihm: So if you were scared, they could be scared

Vagt: Thing is kinda complicated here