The form is ready, i only.

Menees: Jefferylevesque Im looking at it now

Jiggetts: Jefferylevesque

Parmantier: You might have to do the determination on the server, my chrome is blank but my firefox does see it as application/json

Leblond: Nodist: i mean it’s javascript, on the client side. Is it necessary to configure the server?

Soltis: In my firefox it sees the type but on my chrome it does not, depending on your users you may have to

Lissy: It doesnt for any broswers for me :

Isip: Im running ff 40.0.3 and it works, Im upgrading chrome and I’ll check again, im also running it on ubuntu

Kama: But yeah, if your going for a general user base who you can’t tell which broswer to use your gonna have to set somthing up on the server to do the detection for json and possibly other types

Vanduyn: I probably shouldn’t check on client side then?

Cluxton: The virtual machine is ubuntu

Davidsen: Vm port forwards to windows

Solgovic: So i guess it depends on the windows os?

You: Yeah, I would check on the server if your running the lastest versions and it dosn’t work for you

Sulser: Would i check my server on the VM on the laptop os – since i port forward to the host laptop?

Liontos: So what ever server you are using so if its on a VM then yes

Laguer: But i access the application on the host side laptop, the vm acts like a server

Derousselle: Then again the js, is on the clientside

Galustian: Client uploads file – htmlwith or without js sends it to server – file is received by whatever is running as server and checked

Barcena: I check before file is sent to the server

Wojtanowski: How do I create an add form for creating a table like in phpmyadmin?

Pochintesta: Excuse me please, does this look like a valid JSON format do you?

Gosline: ArrayArrayArrayArray”6″,”3″,”aaa”,”7″,”3″,”bbb”,”8″,”3″,”ccc”,”9″,”3″,”ddd”

Conejo: And if yes, that the heck is wrong with this please:

Botos: I cannot get any data back

Fort: Are you receiving my chats

Markovich: I am a front-end developer

Koegler: And recently there are so many company required a front-end developer to learn more framework.

Coronado: I am asking you all here that what the most popular javascript framework that could land us a job.

Brienen: I mean a career. is angular.js

Craawford: What about other api, Rest api

Stocco: Http:// — I’ve got this file, and this image. why is the text not set or visible?

Brocklebank: Hi guys, how can i p*** an object let say. var this_span = $this; then function edit_this_spanthis_span { this_span.attr’rel-data’,’added-attribs’ }

Adamyan: Axscode: are you asking how to p*** an argument to a function?

Tickner: Hey guys, I have a data-attribute on a div with cl*** container-fluid

Fassler: I’m trying to catch this attribute with var $rg = $”.container-fluid”.data”rg”; , but this returns undefined

Rosillo: Same if i try .attr”data-rg”;

Eskelsen: Hi, is there a simple way i can get a checkbox to post the form it is in when checked/unchecked?

Cazel: Halvors: an ajax request that is bound on checkbox.change and if this.checked

Hemanes: Cork, i wanted to p*** the object to a function and set the attribute there.

Gagliardotto: I’m working on the same thing coincidentally :p

Habermehl: Axscode: ya, so edit_this_spanthis_span;

Mizia: Cork: I have that, but it doesn’t work

Alvanas: Halvors: well, I’m using AJAX because I don’t want to refresh the page

Hal: The form is ready, i only need something that triggers the form posting when checkbox is checked.