The first console is.

Heckard: Var item = $;

Burriss: Where to put != this

Skrocki: Var item = $this.text;

Hawkin: Cork, it worked but why is this so ?

Lurie: That is what i meant with e.taget != this

Swartzendrube: is the “element closest to the mouse”

Plastow: It isn’t the element with the event handler

Mantella: So ex. in aspan/span/a will ALWAYS be the span

Moevao: While this will be the a tag

Hetzer: In aspansome btest/b/span/a will sometime be span and sometime be b depending on where you click

Kleindienst: While this will always be a

Corbitt: Cork, so that explains why my code vsometimes worked and sometimes not

Sibille: And is why i grumble when ppl to functionevent {}.bindmyCl***

Dziduch: Depends on where you bound the event handler

Betak: This is always the element the event handler was on

Stankey: Ex. $’div’.click = this == div

Mildenstein: Ex. $’a’.click = this == a

Lasane: Ex. $’div’.on’click’, ‘a’, func = this == a

Bathe: Thanks Cork good explanation

Rayne: Thats exactly what i said

Pujols: Any channel about jquer validator?

Golk: UniFreak: it would be here

Senn: Ok. so I’m using v1.14, I set ignore: , so it can validate hidden input. the problem is, after I click submit, those field include :hidden ones all got validated and output the error message, now I fix those error one by one, those non-hidden fields’s error message will be auto-removed, but not those :hidden one. Is there a way to fix this?

Calo: UniFreak: try ignore: ‘:hidden’

Defeo: Cork: I don’t want those :hidden field to be ignored

Beale: That’s why I specify ignore:

Neiger: Then i don’t really follow the problem

Hauze: Are the hidden fields updated through js?

Lynn: My problem is those :hidden field’s error message won’t auto-disappear after I fix its error

Tiemens: How are you fixing them?

Wickman: Say one :hidden input is required, I type in something to fix that

Alanis: You can’t fill hidden fields

Ornelas: Oh. right. those are filled by js

Renda: So either you edit something else and it modifys it through js

Guard: Ok, then you need to do .trigger’change’ on the field when your done

Fausey: Else the validator won’t know about it

Lallave: Cork: that doesn’t solve it

Bellmay: Hmm try to trigger the input event then

Ostendorff: No for .trigger’input’, too

Prueter: One of them should work.

Lukander: Could you make a demo in

Buchler: I don’t think it would use that, but. possibly

Shaner: Cork: I solved this problem by calling validator.form.

Brunetta: Hi guys i am working with money here. i am expect to turn the result inoto 2 decimal places making it 2749 is they a jquery method i can use for this please

Castrillo: That reevaluates the entire form, but ok

Otley: Just divide it by 100?

Arbuthnot: Cork: so I changed to call $’#selector’.valid, according to here:

Link: Baako:

Matranga: If you wan to handle rounding errors

Pochiba: Cork, thanks again but one more question please

Ricketts: The first console is actually what code contents which is 239