The example illustrates how.

Takenaka: Sure. there are a few different ways.

Antle: Takenaka: i’m just a beginner

Takenaka: Ks so what are you confused about?

Veeder: Taplar_lunch: would it remove entire table?

Llorca: Empty removes the children

Takenaka: Depends on what #filtered is.

Takenaka: Ks do you mean you’re havign a hard time removing specific rows?

Miniuk: Takenaka: yes, i’m rebuilding rows on change event

Takenaka: Why not add/remove the specific ones you need?

Heery: Or is the set changing, or are you optionally only showing a subset?

Takenaka: I feel like a more fleshed out fiddle/bin would be nice.

Seifarth: Cause a subset would be like show hide

Paskey: Takenaka: it’s a filter by price, so easier to provide already filtered array

Takenaka: So then really you want to clear the table and redo the whole thing/

Dobbyn: The html is pretty simple table id=’filtered’ tr.tdPrice/td/tr/table

Jonke: Do you have column headings?

Pramuk: My code appends new rows to this table

Takenaka: Https://

Cansler: Taplar_lunch: yeah, I just removed it to not pollute the channel

Takenaka: Ks that’s why you paste into a fiddle or bin instead :

Roethel: Make that fiddle represent your situation

Hustead: Https://

Nowakowski: Takenaka: it’s a json array with elements containining objects

Takenaka: I know what arrays are.

Gangler: Personal side note, i think your going to want a thead

Takenaka: I mean can you share an example of your data?

Wojciechowski: Gangler: ok, so that it stays iuntouched, right?

Takenaka: That way you can target the tbody

Blaske: Changed

Gangler: And another side note, you don’t have to escape your ” in that string

Takenaka: Ks that’s not how you use thead.

Takenaka: Look at my last fiddle.

Rhodd: Takenaka: this one?

Takenaka: Thead goes around a tr

Takenaka: Could you provide an example of your array?

Larocca: Takenaka:

Takenaka: So instead you’ll want to .appendTo’#filtered tbody’;

Takenaka: And before you do anything you’ll want to empty that selection instead – BUT there’s a slightly cleaner way to do this.

Takenaka: Https://

Takenaka: Do something like thi instead.

Gangler: Or map to save redraws

Tango: You dont draw anything when you createElement

Tango: Yeah but that doesnt touch the dom

Takenaka: At least, not the rendered DOM.

Gangler: Oh! i see what you did

Takenaka: Also ks i might consider using a templating engine if it gets more complex than this.

Gangler: I’m confused how that escape is not fubaring the images

Takenaka: Https:// here

Mellin: Takenaka: thanks, I’m trying it now :

Gangler: Https:// header was being lost

Bacigalupi: Doesn’t change with range slider

Takenaka: Because none of that includes a change handler?

Caligiuri: Sec, I’ll provide more details

Takenaka: Take a look at the docs for the slider and find stuff related to the change event.

Gangler: The example illustrates how to do the replace of the body. just a matter of pluging that in your change event