That’s what it’s called.

Bisceglia: But i wouldn’t recommend it

Szychowski: Right, but that’s a whole different beast imo.

Denkins: Szychowski hmm. videoPlay.prop’src’, ”; and videoPlay.find’source’.remove; in the } else if jQuerythis.hasCl***’false’ { statement are the cause.

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 so what does that tell you?

Mickley: Https://

Kinikini: Berpcor2: do you know about scope inheritance?

Pizzaro: Variable still isn’t defined.

Felger: Szychowski maybe the stuff I am doing to the source messes it up

Saintignon: It is being triggered too soon

Schaber: I can’t understand it.Why not? When you call test, you p*** arguments there.

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 right, do you remember anything about the core bug?

Philipps: So, variables is set.

Cauthorne: Berpcor2: cause like i told you several times

Quagliano: Arguments is a special variable

Akright: Berpcor2: it gets implicitly defined by the language

Beabout: I understand it. It is just a function wit a name of $

Durrant: Berpcor2: if you want to define an argument variable you need to define it

Soulier: Szychowski well wasn’t it something to do with an event firing right after play?

Limes: You can’t just invent a name and use it

Szychowski: Jagst3r15 it has to do with using things in the wrong order, basically.

Andrada: Berpcor2:

Hanaway: Berpcor2: like i told you a while ago there are two magic variables “this” and “arguments”

Bold: The rest are explicitly defined for every function

Wrights: I meant it as if you don’t define them they won’t exist

Bohney: But variables is magic, I shouldn’t define it.

Szychowski: You’re confusing things.

Szychowski: Let’s show you a contrived example.

Car: Confusing? Yes, I guess. But I want to understand.

Cheesman: Cork I think this method works

Carino: I am monitoring the sockets in chrome://net-internals/#sockets and they don’t go over 1 now

Szychowski: Https://

Szychowski: Berpcor2 really contrived, but see how giveMeACallback takes an argument and calls it with someFunction’foo’, ‘bar’;?

Angelozzi: Szychowski it’s finally working 😀

Dispirito: What a pain in the d!ck

Shells: Szychowski: I understand you example, as I think. Let me rephrase my question one more time.

Riesen: Now I need to clean up my code based on what Ihm gave me

Szychowski: Berpcor2 your question means that you don’t understand :

Saunas: Szychowski: You are right, probably. I try to find a way to your answer then.

Szychowski: Berpcor2 basically, giveMeACallback specified what gets sent to the callback.

Szychowski: You don’t. at all. your function can optionally accept each of those arguments. or it can ignore them. that part is up to you.

Rogens: Moment, I’ll create a jsfiddle.

Szychowski: Berpcor2 said it’d be a moment. very long moment.

Lamoreau: Https://

Szychowski: Try asking in the channel.

Ihm: Your not including jquery in your fiddle

Szychowski: Also, you want to now why the “arguments” variable isn’t defined in

Szychowski: Because you aren’t referencing “arguments”, you’re referencing “variables”

Carbary: Szychowski: Oh, do you mean from the upper level, so to speak?

Szychowski: The actually object is named “arguments”

Szychowski: That’s what it’s called.