That is what i used to try.

Seigfried: Http://

Jergen: ISmithers, I use transition in firefox and chrome :p

Loyack: Ther are probably extra rules I use to make it work on all browsers but its all CSS at the end

Beach: I have IE11 here, I’m wondering what the AddThis site looks like on other versions. Might need to fire up browserstack.

Maresco: Interesting though. I think atm jquery ui might offer more stability.

Diones: Hello, I am trying to call onclick function, but it says Uncaught TypeError: social is not a function eventough its in do***ent ready, how is it possible ?

Stpeters: ISmithers:

Tony: ISmithers: also html part

Yeend: Http://

Longbottom: Your error is ‘social is a not a function’ dot_?

Monzo: I changed a code meanwhile

Leffingwell: I think you have an extra } there, hard to tell with the indenting.

Cairone: When I click on button nothing happens

Bitner: OK so the jquery is valid now. Something else is amiss.

Well: Is the js being run on do***ent ready?

Postier: Put some console.logs in to make sure the code is getting run, additionally step through the code after loading the page so that you can see where the execution gets to.

Hutchison: Excuse me please, is there *any* reason why this could *not* be working?

Lamoine: None of both hides the element

Monington: ISmithers: it is in do***ent ready and still the same

Zona: Dot_, are you talking to me?

Christian: Dot_: It will be something obvious.

Cherep: Something was not defined before

Casa: I am trying to do somehting very similar to this

Casa: Http://

Casa: But i have 10 divs hidden that are getting filed dynamicly

Cipponeri: Hey, I have some information about jquery

Railsback: Sorry I still fail to achieve a very simple goal

Koso: I want to hide or show a text field according to the selected value of a select field

Schachterle: How does jquery target SVG elements?

Ulibarri: If the value of the select field is 1 the text input should be showed, otherwise hidden

Emmette: Http://

Alverado: URL of the example-script above

Casa: Var id = $this.closest’div.pane’.attr’id’;

Casa: Will this variable get me the currently shown div id ?

Crom: Casa i understand your code

Casa: Its not working now though

Casa: Its supposed to be playing a word based on the div ID

Casa: Var id = $this.closest’div.pane’.attr’id’; is not giving me

Casa: Anyone know how to get the closest div id

Orn: Casa: Parent, sibling, child?

Casa: Var id = $this.closest’div’.attr’id’;

Casa: I need the ID for the function to work properly

Hethcox: Use jsfiddle and set up a working example with HTML and javascript

Casa: I had a jfiddle but my laptop over heated

Casa: Https://

Casa: I am trying to get the id dynamicly

Casa: Basicly the word currently being shown

Casa: All i need is the id of the div being shown and it will work fine

Irby: In your code, what element does $this is referring to ?

Casa: The div it is in i am ***uming

Casa: Where it is currently at

Casa: Http://

Casa: That is what i used to try this