Takenaka where would .

Takenaka: Fwiw there’s no “css4” – i think it’s the css selector module level 4, and probably not yet.

Takenaka: Jquery does have :even and :odd though.

Steever: That’s why I’m checking if jquery has a way to do it that doesn’t ask me to use filter.

Kuczenski: I know but I need every 5th.

Takenaka: Or do your calculations serverside.

Takenaka: Filter is awesome for stuff like this imo.

Gangler: Or change it so you can get away from position based logic

Walen: I will use filter, but if there was sinctactic sugar, I would have used that.

Takenaka: I don’t even use the syntactic sugar most of the time. .filter, .on, etc.

Takenaka: Also: a lot of the jquery extended selectors are slow and not actually syntactic sugar

Anteby: It’s more readable, most of the time.

Takenaka: I disagree – .filter tends to be more readbale to me.

Takenaka: And a lot of the devs i work with.

Takenaka: But that’s anecdotal so ymmv

Drenon: That’s one heck of a blanket statement.

Takenaka: I tend to do those kinds of things server-side when possible. otherwise, pure css.

Takenaka: But like I said, ymmv

Prat: Sadly I’m coloring pips generated by nouislider, which puts both pips and labels for pips on the same level, so nth-child is unusable.

Winkey: Well, say I want to make every 5th pip slightly taller

Takenaka: What’s a “pip” i guess is my real question.

Kalkman: The small notches that mark the steps of a scale?

Takenaka: Wonder if you could use nth-of-type instead.

Takenaka: Eiuther way, fair enough.

Langston: Sadly no, they are all divs.

Bowes: But I did think of it.

Takenaka: Can’t target cl***es instead?

Takenaka: I seem to recall nouislider being pretty flexible with that, but i could be wrong.

Nierman: Nth-of-type looks at the node type

Sheffield: Nth-match is what would do it in css.

Dossett: Tbh I don’t know why they bothered with nth-child or nth-of-type when nth-match can probably emulate both

Takenaka: Because that’s what they decided on when they did the spec?

Takenaka: And they didn’t think of nth-match a the time?

Meehan: Yeah watching W3C and WHATWG at work was a. strange experience.

Takenaka: W3C is playing catch-up, WHATWG is a bunch of frustrated browser vendors who are throwing a collective tantrum.

Lingren: It is my last effort. Gangler fixed some part of the code. But the idea is mine what do you think? http://jsfiddle.net/x1j739pt/19/

Gangler: Your bottom switch still looks like it has a lot of potential redundancy

Takenaka: You’re repeating yourself a lot in there

Gangler: Your also setting the data elements on every event, instead of just once

Takenaka: Do that server-side instead of client side.

Takenaka: Otherwise, use .each to set the number instead.

Bohr: So I am nearly done with my project, but I decided to use: https://github.com/selz/plyr and I see an event called “playing. Based on this code: http://pastebin.com/yMa1vfji I am trying to detect if the video is “playing”, hence line 12, but I can’t get this to work.am I doing anything wrong?

Matey: But do i have improvement?

Gangler: Idk what you changed between the other day and today

Gangler: It’s a sizable fiddle

Takenaka: Konye you it’s an event – .on’playing’, function {};

Bolda: Will $el.find’span’.hide hide all elements it finds or just the first one?

Takenaka: That’ll do all spans that are under $el

Speedy: Takenaka where would .on’playing’, function {} go?