Szychowski, too late to.

Batres: Which which function did you tell me not to you?

Goldberger: We told you to use a real engine

Goldberger: I remember specific examples

Szychowski: Like handlebars or the one in underscote.

Goldberger: Namely handlebars and underscore

Goldberger: You go to these pages

Goldberger: And they will teach you how to use them

Goldberger: You even asked me for an exmaple

Goldberger: How do you not remember what we wrote like 10 minutes ago

Szychowski: What about those sentences is ambiguous?

Oelschlaeger: I didnt knwo underscore is some type of library

Szychowski: Yep. that was implied when we brought it up :

Goldberger: You have the patience of a saint

Goldberger: Meanwhile i go off on people at the slightest chance

Szychowski: Honestly i think a lot of the problem is folks never know where to start and can’t figure out how to break their problem down.

Szychowski: A lot of your confusion has nothing to do with jquery and more to do with javascript.

Tippins: I try to do bits and pieces with jquery

Gothier: Unfornately this project started with jquery before me other wise i will use angularjs

Szychowski: They do two different things.

Szychowski: In fact, many people use them together.

Wollmuth: I like jquery when i am doign simple things but when i try to do things new thats when i dont understand the logic of jquery

Capua: Logically i thought all i added to do was loop over each json then ***ign wach of the values in the json to a html element i wanted and then render it

Pinckley: But that wasn’t the case

Goldberger: Well you can do it that way, but it’s hell to maintain

Glandon: All jquery does is give you a way to more easily select sets of elements, and methods to operate on them

Babst: Anything outside of that is javascript

Tadman: Like loops for example

Shiu: Https:// i’m trying to understand how to use history. i have the fwd/ back working, but refresh breaks everything because it loads only the content, not the rest of my index page.

Szychowski: Templating engines are much easier to use for things like that eddy

Ramero: Yea but thats something i have to learn again which might take days

Hopko: Just to do something that is simple

Szychowski: Sounds like really you just need a crash course in JS and jquery

Szychowski: Otherwise, that decx showed you is the rough idea.

Abdulmateen: If i had that much interest in front end development

Szychowski: Trying to save you headaches mano.

Paparelli: Ideally i got save the html from php but that is really bad practice which i dont want to do ahaha

Szychowski: And it’s less about interest and more about need.

Klande: Szychowski, my html are not standard along they are embbed in a javascript function

Breitmeyer: Which is why you saw that b+=

Szychowski: That’s just called string concatenation.

Wilm: So how will do add that to the understand stuff

Sgrignoli: Are you typing on a phone

Szychowski: Yeah i’m really confused.

Reece: I thought maybe “standard along” was supposed to be standalone

Szychowski: Ooor and “understand” should be “underscore”

Szychowski: Http://

Chico: Szychowski, all my html are mixed with javascript something like this

Szychowski: That’s the wrong way to do that.

Szychowski: You want a templating engine.

Haagensen: Szychowski, too late to change it