Szychowski, the html i sent.

Szychowski: Skirts the issue, too.

Szychowski: They need to learn how to do it themselves.

Demarce: It’s my subtle approach to keeping CS jobs employee-favored

Demarce: Solve their problems so they don’t have to think. eventually they’ll just hire someone 😀

Ihm: I take offense to the nerd part though. i get paid. i’m a geek

Malinky: I take offense to the geek part though. get paid. im a nerd

Goldberger: You god damn snowflakes

Szychowski: I’m taking the plunge into python 3.x now D:

Demarce: Hooray! embrace the future!


Szychowski: Nah it’s for a small app and i want to use

Ihm: Trinities are never good, well, maybe the original was alright

Demarce: That’s why React went straight from 0.12.0 to 13.0

Malinky: If you ever want to jump into the turn you should totally do semi fun puzzle challenges

Demarce: And node went straight from 0.12 to 4.0

Pomiecko: After Bitbucket’s video on pair programming I can never think of it without laughing

Szychowski: That video is magical.

Sugiki: That thank a lot yu deserve a great that that

Pomiecko: Https://

Gilliam: Fiord Spooning By Bitbucket – length 2m 3s – 4,213 likes, 165 dislikes 96.2% – 416,341 views – Atl***ian on 2012.03.30

Ihm: Hmm, py 3 was released in ’08? way you were talking i thought it was something new

Szychowski: There was a big backlash when it came out because it changed quite a bit and CHANGE IS THE WORST OKAY?

Demarce: Honestly, python is the most notorious example of major-version squatting that I know

Demarce: So. it has to *partially* be their fault

Ihm: Can’t trust Verdino anyway

Trygg: Given a div width id=”root”, there exist a nested hierarchy which contain div elements with cl***=”node”. Given any tag with say id=”myLoc”, nested in described hierarchy – how can i find the “previous” cl***=”node” element?

Bessone: Oh. node’s are never wrapped inside each other

Szychowski: So you want the previous sibling element that matches a given selector?

Stehney: Szychowski, lemme show

Edenfield: Szychowski,

Szychowski: Btw this isn’t valid – can’t put divs in spans, but I get your thinking.

Szychowski: So what are you trying to accomplish?

Gedo: Within any of those cl***=”node” tags i wanna be able to find the previous, given the ID of the cl***=”node” tag

Szychowski: So you mean, if given “a3”, you want to get to a2?

Bracks: I’m playing with and it seems like I need to include:  data-role=’page’ on my body tag to get the page to load. Though, for some reason that is messing up some css elements from another framework i’m using. Is there any way aroudn this?

Szychowski: Squarism or if given a5, you want a4?

Szychowski: Roger1 you could not use the jquery mobile css or include the other framework after to see if the specificity wins out, but it’s not likely.

Szychowski: Squarism i might look at this a little differently – give these all data attributes and then filter to get the one you want.

Szychowski: Instead of using DOM traversal.

Szychowski: Then you could just nab that value, decrement by one, and .filter all the .node elements for that one.

Linder: Szychowski: i’m not including jquery mobile css

Then: Szychowski, im not sure i understand you now

Szychowski: Where are you confused?

Meisel: Szychowski, the html i sent was an example of a possible layout. it should be considered totally dynamic