So what’s your current.

Laplante: It is working actualy

Tadiello: Thanks guys my bot works

Tadt: Now I just have to leave my computer running indefinitely 😀

Szychowski: Yeah definitely. that’s why we’re here :

Szychowski: Still might talk to your advisor fwiw.

Coultas: Also hopefully they don’t detect this bot and expel me ;D

Sharpes: Is it possible to get buy a server, install firefox with greasemonkey, and then run this script?

Lysaght: Or can you only do bash script kind of stuff?

Szychowski: That’s not what you’d do in that case.

Szychowski: I’d use node with phantomjs to do that instead.

Szychowski: You could recycle a good amount of current code with that, too.

Cottam: Yeah I’d imagine all of it actually

Szychowski: And there’d be some differences in how you’d run your code.

Jolicoeur: Will keep it in mind, though I don’t relaly want to spend the money 😀

Szychowski: Lol you really wouldn’t spend very much at all.

Szychowski: Hell, you could get in on the AWS free tier –

Szychowski: And you wouldn’t need anything powerful.

Alvin: Hmm maybe I’ll do it just for the learning experience

Szychowski: I have an elb setup using 2 t2.micro instances that are handling over 750 rpms

Tankesly: I’ll have to learn how to write ansible scripts 😀

Szychowski: If that’s your goal i guess.

Sharpes: Isn’t that how you make servers do things?

Szychowski: It’s one way to automate things.

Szychowski: I’ve never needed it.

Paswaters: Okay well I’m heading out. Thanks again Szychowski!

Astwood: I wish leafletjs had an discussion channel.

Kirbo: Wow. I was trying leafletjs since they have that on everything else.

Seehafer: Szychowski are you familiary with leafletjs?

Bolch: Is there a cleaner way to write this ?

Szychowski: _TWG_ you could try asking your question anyway. somebody in the channel might know.

Bastow: Szychowski: okay. thought i might try. they are dead in the other room.

Szychowski: Yeah, just try asking.

Floro: In this one or the other

Mooneyham: I’m working with leafletjs and when I click on an item in my menu it adds a marker just fine. Now I’m trying to remove that marker whenever another marker is being added. My code so far is here

Szychowski: Instead of using kopy, use jsfiddle.

Szychowski: Make a standalone test case.

Frankenfield: Well I didn’t want to use my key for my map since I’m using it somewhere else already.

Szychowski: Jose3_ you could make a single object whose props contain the data for swc1_incomplete, etc – then create a data attribute on the differe .target0 etc elements whose value matches those property names.

Szychowski: Or something along those lines.

Reeder: Im using jquery mobile and transitioning from one page to another does not update the location bar with the url. url always just stays as http://domain

Szychowski: Http://

Chez: I have a form which contains a text input which is only for javascript purposes and is never submitted the form is submitted, but not that field. that field has a keydown event which includes enter and tab. however, now that the form has a submit button, pressing enter within that field submits the form instead of running the keydown

Szychowski: Have your event handler for that field do an e.preventDefault;

Chez: Szychowski: what is e here?

Chez: Literally just e, or $this or something?

Szychowski: So what’s your current handler?