So right now i’m testing it.

Rayside: Marcelofb

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: when the image uploads. i the model to open up.

Lindholm: Just like if i’ve clicked in the a href=”#” cl***=”btn btn-lg btn-success” data-toggle=”modal” data-target=”#cropper-example-2-modal”Click to open Modal/a

Kerwood: Hello, I’m having issues trying to debug my jquery we’re using drupal

Sjogren: Sorry, is an event?

Borders: I didn’t catch that part before.

Nedelman: That he wanted it after it uploaded.

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: thats why i have it inside the .on’fileuploaddone’,functione,data { }

Rathe: You don’t want the .on in there.

Felske: And

Hallick: The .on should be outside of that.

Brownell: Mazpe look at that link – you want .modal’show’

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: let me try

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: yes that loaded! no copper.js but ill see why not.

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: but yes!

Charles: Ok, I have some weird issue, I get this error “TypeError: $.datepicker is undefined” but everything is loaded which should be normally. any idea where I need to debug this ? I’m not getting why it should not be defined

Swanteck: YamakasY make sure your code is after you load datepicker

Ashbourne: Robertmaxrees: yeah, ok will move it

Coyier: Https:// I can’t figure out what am I doing wrong here? see console. I can’t figure out how to progress with notifyWith

Jeffords: Https:// – args is an array.

Llanos: Coyier: second argument to notifyWith needs to be an array of arguments

Corporon: Robertmaxrees: fixed, there was some extra jquery loaded again after it 😀

Helmcamp: So I need to kiss you

Coyier: Robertmaxrees, shoky_: _ thank you!

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: ok. getting there. run it and click on Cropper Modal. it opens the modal but the cropper doesnt load/show

Hader: Robertmaxrees: with the off chance that you might have insight into this: This is the form, ajax callback, js and template I’m using where the js you suggested to me isn’t working

Weisberger: Mazpe you probably need to run the cropper init when the modal shows?

Holthaus: Days does that console.log work though?

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: i did.

Blosser: Mazpe you’re confused again.

Clarendon: You still need the event binding separate from the for the cropper stuff.

Lostetter: How do you compare something to a string in js?

Derian: Mazpe has joined #jquery

Riesland: Https://

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: uh huh!

Schaudel: Does anyone know any tricks for debugging jquery in drupal? My javascript isn’t working in our drupal instance

Dearborn: Hey can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong with this script, I wanted to toggle a css cl*** using jquery, but I just can’t get it to work. Much help appreciated! JSFiddle –

Rothgeb: islalobo

Ketcheside: The drupal part is irrelevant fwiw.

Matute: Jquery only cares about the html that gets rendered.

Matye: What are you expecting to happen here?

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: yes yes yes you the man

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: error number one was trying to do it inside he .on’fileuploaddone’

Lindholm: Do it outside. and .show from .on

Brigges: Blik71 also, don’t use onclick./

Howington: So right now i’m testing it on the element “H”. When I click the element I would like the element to change color to show that its been selected. I made a cl*** called activated that is a subcl*** of main in the css sheet