So replace with.

Konczak: Just prevent default when you click ont he input?

Gierisch: What you mean by prevent default?

Currier: Call e.preventDefault;

Nelisse: Instead of calling stopPropagation?

Wolinski: Idk if this is a good UX anyway

Hingston: How else could it be done?

Sukup: Any other ideas Jonno_FTW ?

Urtado: For load balancing for my video player i have to generate the playlist of the player using some backend methods. should i server the player code with a static file and retrieve the playlist using an ajax-call or should i generate the player code the js-file using the dynamic backend php?

Wise: Azrael_-: you could add the urls and have them as data- attributes in the html

Gardy: Azrael_-: but ya, you should keep your js static

Burry: Cork: i need to determine the which url to start by querying all source-servers, calculate the load of each and serve the one with the least load as source. there is no option to do thiw using data-attributes

Suss: Azrael_-: sure there is

Maturi: Populate an array with sources and put it in a data-sources=”” attribute

Sinnett: Then you do $’sources’ to get it in js

Starns: Cork: and how do i know what source to select?

Shetz: It shouldn’t be more then one

Clevland: What i mean you should filter it based on load before you fill the list

Oballe: Azrael_-: alternatively and prob what i would do is to have a small nginx server redirect to the server with the smallest load

Arbizo: And here is the point: i provide my js-file to 3rd party pages to embed this file with a small html-code for adding my player

Precourt: And have it all point to the same url

Zelnick: Then your front end doesn’t have to be reevaluated cause it might be old and things like that

Bees: I’m doing live video broadcasting and i have to distribute it due to bandwidth-restrictions. no options to send everything through the same server. that’s why i have to do an ajax-call to get the best video-server available and load this one into the player

Fellner: The load doesn’t go through that server

Porta: Rtmp redirecting isn’t properly supported by all clients

Brickel: Well ya ajax sounds like the only semi good option then

Schutjer: Else you will end up with a client using old urls

Rampersad: Yeah, i have to avoid caching

Pinckney: Jquery ui slider return wrong value when clicked in slider bar fullscreen mode. what should i do?

Bladen: Linherest: could you make an example?

Dominicus: I’ve been using it for years and never had that problem

Geronimo: Linherest:

Resides: Reproduce the problem

Mesplay: In this case, i can’t reproduce the issues when it only has slider. but in my production code, with so many elemenents, it has issues. i can’t post source code into

Oday: Linherest: then the problem is most likely with how you’re grabbing the references

Schmiot: And not the plugin in it self

Pevy: I created slider by jquery command.

Baden: So, where should i go wrong? could you tell me some common mistake?

Ganther: Linherest: it could be you use $’selector’.val instead of $this or something like that

Capellan: I have an LI which looks like this: lidiv cl***=”liItemData”a href=”#”bArtikelnr:/b DURMN9100B; bOmschrijving:/b1,5 volt Alkali-Mangan batterij MN9100/a/div/li on click i get the text: var item = $; but it sometimes only gets Artikelnr: as text, why is this so?

Rayne: Depends what is doesnt it?

Lantagne: Skywater, Rayne: != this, is the clicked element while this is the element with the event handler

Buechler: So replace with this and it should work